Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching up!

  1. Spoiling my husband by homemade peach AND blueberry cobbler for dinner. He doesn't deserve me.
  2. Speaking of husbands that belong to me, mine has to have surgery. He has not one, but 2 hernias that have to be fixed. About 3-4 months ago, I noticed a lump on his groin area. Yes folks, I see my husband's groin area. Sorry for all of you that just got a mental picture. Anyway, being the mildly hypocondriac that I am, I started doing some internet research and crossed my fingers that it wasn't something horribly bad like cancer. Most research pointed to hernia. Then, about a month later he had another one pop up under his belly button. He met with a surgeon and he'll have it all fix and have a gut of steel (most literally) come Wednesday.

    He'll be home for 6-8 weeks.

    Kill me now.
  3. Had a wedding on Saturday for my clients dear friends Abbey and Anthony. She was the first bride to book me Wayyyyyy out from here wedding day (almost 1.5 years) so it was very bizarre seeing her wedding day finally come. She was absolutely gorgeous. Anthony was funny and happy as always. I wish every couple were like them!
  4. I've been decluttering like mad. This week is the bedroom zone so I started on the closet. I have a whole garbage bag full of clothes to get rid of. I have to decide if I'm having a garage sale or not. I wanted to have it at a local place but they don't have anything available all summer :(
  5. Finally saw Avatar over the weekend. Not that I was just dying to. I'm not a big movie person. Gene wanted to see it because of the special effects, which were really amazing and quite good. I liked the storyline too, I especially liked it when they called it "Dances with Wolves" (which I also saw for the first time recently).
  6. First day of summer! It was a scorcher, then it rained, well, it started with rain, the a scorcher, then ended with rain.. as per usual.
  7. My Blog anniversary is today! WOO! Three whole years! I think I'll have a giveaway this week, so spread the word and check often.
  8. Need to get the pool out. We've been lazy on that. It's 5,000 gallons, it'll take a whole day to fill up. OR, I could just let the rain fill it, that'd just take a couple days. ;P
  9. I think Tanner is homesick. I miss you too Tanner! (He reads here :)
  10. Gotta go, supper is about ready! Homemade rolls too!

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