Tuesday, June 8, 2010

South Dakota - Day two - (part one, subsection C)

I feel the need to split my Day #2 in SD into two posts. Mainly because the later part of the day I took so many pictures.

Wait. Let's be fair. I always take a lot of pictures. However, on this day, I took 591 photos. This is a lot for even me.

Digital is my friend.

We picked this day to go westward bound and knew we had a lot of ground to cover. Along our route, we went through the world famous Sturgis, SD. Home of the annual bike fest and all around orneriness.


Sturgis isn't really a super beautiful town. I'm sorry Sturgis, just calling it like it is. The parts I saw look like they had been rode hard and put up wet. Probably because it had been rode hard and put up wet. This is downtown. Now imagine this place with thousands of bikers and shennigans.

You know what, I think I've already seen enough. lol.

We also passed through Spearfish, which my mom always said how much she LOVED. Sadly it was a Sunday, so pretty much everything was closed. I didn't even take a photo. Sorry Spearfish. I'm sure you are a lovely town.

It took us a bit, but after being distracted by cute (closed) shops, we finally found the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, and added a couple hours onto our trip, but it was worth it.


Bridal Veil Falls are just along the highway, there's a little turn out, but you have to cross through traffic to get closer. Which duh, I did. Fortunately, there's not a lot of traffic.


There's also not a lot of hiking on my part. Spearfish search and rescue thanks me.

Just down the road, there's some more falls, actually, quite close to where Dances With Wolves was shot.


Roughlock Falls. It was a little more user friendly. No dodging Toyota Corollas or packs of motorcycles here.




It was a great photo opportunity, and where I started my "too many photos" portion of the day. I couldn't help it! I needed to practice my flowy/streamy/looking waterfall photos.

At the base of the falls is a small dam, which makes a small "lake" area. Back here at home we call them ponds.


There was an awesome walkway, that we could cross and get right up close to the water, which made for a few fun photos.



I think he's happy. I can't be sure.
It kinda looks like a happy face.

Off we went again, and we ate our lunch in the shadow of this rocky ridge:


It was kinda hard to get to, as it was next to a small lake (a real lake this time). We took a cooler with us and ate lunch out of the cooler ever day. I figured we saved around $150 doing this. On the other hand, Tanner is officially tired of sandwiches.

Sorry Tanner. Sandwiches are your life.
forever and ever amen.


Shortly after lunch, we hit Wyoming.
someone wouldn't get out of my shot, so some random person's head is in my picture. Forever and ever amen.

More pics from that afternoon, hopefully THIS afternoon. I still feel like cold clammy ass today, and I'm planning a trip to the chiro. My neck hurts and when it hurts, all of me feels like crap. blah.

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