Monday, June 28, 2010

My life by bullet points

Keysa and Andy

  • I had a wedding on Saturday, Congrats to Matt and Elizabeth!
  • I had an engagement on Sunday. I don't know how I let them talk me into it, as I normally don't do that. Keysa must have caught me on a good day. LOL. This is one of their pics. I'll have more soon, but I'm betting those 2 weddings ahead of them are anxious.
  • We set up the swimming pool. Correction, Tanner set up the swimming pool, almost completely by himself. Go Tanner! He did a great job too. I don't think it's quite warm enough yet, but I'm itching to get in there!
  • Today is Monday, so that's cleaning day. Monday is always cleaning day - and you know what, I still like Mondays! I got so much accomplished today .... laundry, all the dishes, cleaning the counters, new hummingbird feeder food, got the oil changed, ran errands, but the biggest accomplishment today was cleaning out from under the bathroom and kitchen sinks. I "built" a shelf out of wire cubes and then sorted all my bathroom stuff in clear plastic shoeboxes. all while listening/watching antiques road show. I took out a garbage bag full of just .. JUNK. I just wanna open my cabinets and feel the zen radiate over my body.
  • This week with Flylady, it's the living room/dining room/entry so I'm gonna kick some butt on this dining room/living room this week. My house has gone from kinda cluttered to pretty damn clean in less than a month. *however* I still haven't tackled my scrapbook room or the guest room yet. Oy!
  • The chickens had a field trip today. I wanted to let them free range a bit. I can't let them free range all the time because I'm just worried they'll get into the road, or my flower bed. So around 8 p.m. (one hour before bedtime) we let them out. This was the first time they have been out since they were chicks. They LOVED it. I will probably start doing this every night, maybe a little earlier once I know they'll go back in the coop with no problems.
  • I did something the other day I didn't think I'd ever do. I found a nest of baby mice when I moved a tarp. This is something I'd normally dispatch to a man, but since he's gimpy I had to take care of it myself. So I got a shovel and put them in the chicken run and didn't look back. I felt kind bad, but got over it when I realized that I deal with it now, or trap them later.
  • Wednesday is my B-day. Nope, I'm not begging for gifts or attention. I hate it when ppl drop the hint for weeks. Dude you are not SEVEN, it's not a big deal anymore. I just mention it because I'm making Gene sit through Toy Story 3. I'm sure he'll have a blast :p I'm going to be 27 if you were wondering ;)
  • Sunday is my second anniversary! I can't believe it's been *two years*. We'll officially no longer be newlyweds. Doesn't mean I can't still act like it tho!
  • Gene is doing pretty well. I think he figured out finally that he wasn't just going to get cut open and then be jogging laps 2 days later. Seriously, he thought it was going to be a cake walk. He was cut open in TWO places? Men, sheesh I swear sometimes.
  • I'll stop now, before I just sit around and try to think about things to talk about. *yawn*

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