Monday, June 28, 2010

Tips and Tricks - 3 new ones!

I haven't shared any tips and tricks with you for a while, but I have 3 great ones, one of which I discovered today.

  1. Ladies, instead of using shaving cream to shave your legs, use some old hair conditioner that you don't like, or have left over, maybe some hotel conditioner. I did this the other day with some that I tried out but didn't like. Not only did it shave closer but my legs were conditioned and smelled great too!

  2. Tonight when we were out watching the chickens free range for the first time (yes we are sad lonley people) the bugs were eating us up! I came inside and did a quick home remedy google and found out that most bugs hate the smell of vanilla extract. A little on your wrists and behind the ears (and I put a little on my knees too) will do the trick! It actually worked really well, wasn't sticky, and didn't smell like chemicals. I think I will keep my small bottle in my purse for the summer!

  3. This is for the girlies with big bewbies like myself. Sorry A cups, sometimes you're not the cool kid. Anyway, I hate the summer because I sweat under the boobage area and it makes my bra wet and chafes me. Well, a few years ago, I tried tapping just a little deoderant under them and it fixed it! I stay dry all day. Whatever works on your armpits should work under the boobs. Sorry if that's TMI for some of you :p

Share any awesome tips you have!


LisaDay said...

I don't have the boob problem, but great tips about the bugs.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Wow, great tips... all three! :) My legs *definitely* need some conditioning.. lol. Thank ya! -Tammy said...

Here's one my 22 year old son shared with me recently: running bottom shelf booze (vodka, etc) through a Brita or Pur filter turns it into top shelf booze for a fraction of the cost! Apparently the only difference between the cheap and the costly is the amount of filtration they've received.

Lana said...

I've heard that one before! Hmm.. I wonder if that'd work for the hubs whiskey. LOL.

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