Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here is your sign....

A few days ago, Gene and I were somewhere, and on our way home. Just as we turned onto our road, we saw a very cute college age guy (well, I thought he was cute, I dunno for sure what Gene thought of him). He parked at the edge of the road and was walking toward the highway, carrying some stakes. I could tell he was probably putting up a sign.

The next day we drove by and could only make out part of the sign, and it took two more trips by, and finally I couldn't stand it, I stopped my car on the highway just to read what it said. I was impressed, and wanted to share, but didn't have my camera with me. Sadly, when I went back to get a photo, the sign was removed, so I have reinacted it for you here:


Complete with an arrow, and signed "Jwl" Or maybe it was "jlw".

Either way, it's not very often here in smallville, that you find beautiful little sentiments randomly along the highway. Even more rare that you see the perveyor of such good tidings.

I've thought about this sign nearly every single day since.
Did the intended recipient see it? (It was rather small sign.)
Did the cute guy get the answer he needed?
Why was it there?
What conversations or arguments led up to that point?
Why that spot?

But most importantly, the question is who?

Who was the message for? I guess the simple answer would be that it was probably for some girl (or boy... hey I'm open minded) that needed a sign that someone loved them and needed them. "Follow your heart" he says. I wonder what he was hoping that heart would say. Sometimes it's kinda hard to put it out there and bare your soul. I have here maybe a couple times. I have pondered over my dad and tomato soup, or a mouse, or a rant about Christmas. But mostly, I save that for the privacy of my own house, to my husband. Or sometimes just myself in my head - you'll never know how many perfect, wonderful posts go through my head, only to be lost forever.

There is one other possible answer to "who?"





Maybe Mr. Cuteguywithnebraskalicenseplates was just putting it out there for anyone to pick up. A cosmic sign if you will.

go follow your heart.

Heavy stuff.

And I keep thinking about that too, and wondering, was someone sending me a cosmic sign? What had I been dreaming about, or wishing for, that I needed a random sign to make me really think? Then I realized, that I have been wanting a sign. And there it was.

I think I'll follow my heart.

There's something bigger than me out there that I feel I need to do. Within the next couple days, I'll explain what it is (don't you HATE cliffhangers?). Mainly because I need to think some more about it, and I have some pictures that illustrate what I want to do about it.

No, I'm not going to join a commune, or move to Texas - which for the record are probably mutually exclusive of each other. I also reserve the right to do that at any point in my future, but neither are right now.

Besides, I'm a republican, I highly doubt I'd be very welcome in a commune. Texas on the other hand....


gowestferalwoman said...

lol Im still chuckling over the mutually exclusive texas and commune comment...

Whatever you choose, you will make the right choice :) for you...and yes, we will wait to hear 'til the next posting...or we can read all the other postings again to see if there is a hidden message somewhere :p...

RRF said...

You are a terrific writer, even if you are a Republican :-) (For the most part they love Republicans in Texas BTW. Doubtful about the commune, I think they are only in places like California or Oregon.) Stumbled across your blog this AM and enjoying it greatly.

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