Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 down, a trillion to go

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not a trillion, but a bunch. I'm giving up butterfly albums for lent. *that wouldn't be hard to do*.

Cutting this paper sucked, then someone told me there was actual paper die cut already. *doh* So I went back and found it. For a $1 chipboard album, I spent as much time on those as i do a regular album!

I've decided to give these to the girls for Easter instead of Christmas. I thought it would fit the time frame better.

And me with my valentine's crab leg "bouquet". OMG that thing had to be huge.

Reminds me of when me and Tanner went to Ripley's aquarium in TN. We saw the biggest King Crab on the face of the earth. I tapped on his aquarium and said "you taste good".

I doubt he appreciated the humor as much as I did.

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