Friday, February 13, 2009

hotcoldhotcoldhotcoldhotcoldhotcold - again

Today I wake up to that familiar tapping noise, after a day of walking around in short sleeves. yes, more snow. The upside to this senerio, is that the snow usually doesn't last. I'm ready to get this crap over, and since it's 1/2 way through feb, we're only a couple weeks from *march*. I'm thinking we should go in like a lamb and out like a lamb too.

Yesterday I needed a big mental break - everyone was grumpy and I was about done hearing it, so I did a little bit of stimulating the economy. Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Oh and lucky me, Walmart. Yarn for crochet projects (I think I'm pretty much stocked up for like 2 months), binding for the upcycled notebooks sitting ready to be bound and listed on etsy, some scrapbook paper on sale 1/2 price - which I don't need, but seriously, it had glitter. who doesn't love glitter? I'm officially staying away from Michaels until those stupid $1 chipboard albums are out. They've sold a TON.... and some of them weren't even me.

Today: blog (check), finish amanda's gallery that I've needed to do pretty much the entire week, edit daddy/daughter dance, catch up on emails, list stuff on etsy. Busy day. None of it involves leaving the house... cept to the mailbox. bleh mailbox sucks.

Happy Friday!
Gonna try to post my 365 later!

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