Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump day

I've been working basically on ONE thing today. Well, almost all day. A guestbook for one of the brides. I'm very excited about it, want it to look really great as I'm going to order an extra and use it as a table sample. The thing is kicking my BUTT. Then, tonight on the way into town to pick up Tanner from church, I realized that I had a much easier way to do it.

Oh well it's done now!

Also today, I got up early, as I went to bed early. I didn't want to, but I did. It made the day go much better I think. Plus, I've been trying to excercise in the morning. I'm not saying I'm enjoying it, but I'm doing something, and my legs are sore, so *something happened* apparently.

I remember my old gym rat days, after working legs, how I'd actually LIKE it if they were sore, that way I could feel every muscle in my legs and how they moved.

No, I'm not back there yet.

Instead, I've ordered a couple excercise videos off of ebay. Old ones so they'd be cheap. LOL. Right now I can't walk outside. Well, I can but I don't want to squish through mud to do it, and I'm just not going to drive all the way into town to go to a gym right now. I so would use that for an excuse. So videos for now it is.

Also today, received all the pics from the Daddy Daughter Dance and got them sorted and packed up today. Now I just need to create 70 flyers to go in them.

I'm thinking simple.

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