Monday, February 23, 2009


Late friday night, I found myself searching desperately for this fabric:

I know. It's crazy, but I'm on an owl obsession lately and I want an owl purse. this is the cutest owl fabric EVER.

It's also discontinued. :(

Saturday, we kind of hung around town, went to JCPenney and picked up a couple christmas gifts and a new bedding set for our bed - regularly $275 - our cost $29.95.


I also got this:

a new tattoo. It's of our monogram (L C G). I have moments of "this is cool" and moments of "what the hell did I do". I'll reserve final judgement for about a month from now and decide if I'm buying a skin lightener or not! (I'm not 100% happy with the tattoo artist.... long story). Hurt like a son of a gun - and I'm not sure it was supposed to.

Picked Tanner up from his trip at MIDNIGHT. I was so tired. LOL I think that should have been a husband job. *hmmpft* ;)

Sunday was quiet, I didn't get out of my jammies all day. Gene helped me with dishes so I didn't have so much to do today (and I'm not supposed to put my hands in water.. see how I planned that?). I scrapbooked a lot, he ebayed gems a lot.

Today, I was busy, I met with a new bride, her aunt and I were best friends in elementary school. Her mom and I used to work together. I hope I get to do their wedding, she's so cute (and looks just like her mom/aunt) - it would be fun to do a wedding with all these ppl I knew and grew up with.

Ordered some save the date cards, got a guestbook and sample ordered.

Supper is cooking, and then I'm taking the evening off!


Alycia said...

love the tat! very cool :)

KaTrina said...

I have two tattoos, one on my back on one on my wrist, and the wrist hurt FAR more than my back.

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