Friday, February 6, 2009

oopsy... I forgot

Forgot to post these last night! Oops!

2 more pages of the project 365. I think I might start adding the files individually so that you can see each one better. This system kinda sucks.

Can't believe I've made it to FEB. I kinda suck at sticking with stuff like this, although I do feel like I've slacked off a bit. Feb I switched colors. Kinda hard to read on it, so I will probably go to black text.

Tonight, I'm shooting pics for the Daddy Daughter Dance. approx 60 couples in an hour! ACK. Do the math ppl. I think it's gonna be a shoot and burn so I think we'll be ok.

Have to pick up more biz cards and pack for tonight, then I pack for tomorrow, going to go scrapbook with Amber all day long. wooot! will be fun, although I've not scrapbooked in like 2 weeks!

Started a project for valentines for gene. Yes, it's a scarf. LOL. I'm so loving scarfs - I think I have more scarves than purses. *no really* BTW, he *asked* for one so it's not cheesetacular. And really, it's better than those dorky coupon books. Besides, he'd actually USE HIS COUPONS for foot rubs and stuff and BLEH. lol.

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Alycia said...

this looks great! and good work on keeping up with it :)

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