Monday, February 9, 2009

OK, which one of you pissed off God?

Windiest. Day. Ever!

He's trying to blow us off the planet.

Went out to chase down my trashcans and caught a pic of these geese. They were attempting to fly west (which btw, I think geese have to be the stupidest animals next to deer. SOUTH - not west!), but the wind said they were going NORTH. I think they might have given up shortly after this and landed because I heard honking just up the road.

I also noticed that our tree out front has some new baby buds!

This makes me so happy as we hardly have any trees. This tree in front is our largest, and it made it through the ice storm. When we move here, it had a bunch of growth around the bottom sucking the life out of it. It grew about a foot last year! I'm hoping another foot this year, maybe 18".

If anyone wants to buy me a gift. I want TREES!

Met with my couple, and they were so sweet. I hope I get to do their wedding because we are so much alike I swear she could be part of my family. Same ideas and values and perceptions on the cost of a wedding. You could tell the groom to be really loved her the way he looked at her when he talked. SWEET.

Also ran by the store and got some groceries.... and a wireless adapter so we could have 2 PCs running at once. I've never had two going at the same time before. I hate doing this transfer thing. It's been a major PITA.


Anyway, the clerk at WM was such a moron. She put *all* my cans in one bag. Fine, except the bag weighed like 35 pounds. *not exaggerating*. Then she said "I'm putting all these cans in one bag, but I'm double bagging it". Then picks it up by one set of handles.

OK Moron. A.) it doesn't help to double bag if you only use one set of handles. You have to use them all to really have the benefit. So I don't think I appreciated you trying to instruct me on how to use HANDLES ON A BAG.

B.) what difference does it make if it's double bagged if you can't CARRY IT?

I think every clerk should be forced to go through training before bagging. They should have to:
  • Carry a screaming newborn in a carrier
  • hold the hand of a 4 year old
  • carry a power rangers backpack,
  • 3 bags of groceries,
  • a purse,
  • and a diaper bag
Oh yeah, and your cell phone has to be ringing *the whole time*

If you can make it 30 feet (distance from the car to the house), then you are allowed to bag groceries.

As promised

Here's the cute wagon we bought. I don't know if it was a toy, or some kid of model but it's really awesome and detailed!

Right now it's displayed in our dining room, on the buffet that's really a tool box, which is all temporary until the master bath gets remodeled and then it will be the double vanity. *whew*

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