Monday, February 2, 2009

HappyBirthday Ester!

Ester is 1 year old today.

That "seeing her shadow" joke just never gets old for me. I'm sure it will get old for her tho. :p We celebrated her birthday on Saturday night, just a wee bit soon, but she had no idea she was fed a LIE! lol.

There was chocolate cake, and she wasn't quite sure what to do with it but did a fairly good job. She came out cleaner than I did so that's probably an accomplishment right there.

Uncle Gene is good at getting down there on the floor and playing. He's got this girl thing whipped. We decided that the ball has been volleyed back to Beck and David, so therefore we are all requesting one boy.
Just one.

{Uncle gene and miss sarah}

Just to make things more interesting and so no one missed out. David/Becky hooked up wireless internet, the laptop with a cam, Skype and Becky's mom and Aunt got to see the birthday cake too. It was a cool way to share the day. Isn't it an amazingly weird way we share the world now? The future is now. awesome.

Getting to see new sarah

Laura and Becky saying good bye.

It was a well documented historical event.

Ester opened her gifts and actually did a pretty good job for being one. She only ate paper once. Gene and I forgot her gift. GRR. I thought of it about a week ago, and then picked up the bag of stuff and stuck it in the Christmas stuff I bought. Now I need to mail that!

Happy Birthday to a cutie patootie!

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