Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I woke this morning stumbled into the living room and noticed something was tapping loudly on my living room window. See, every night all the shades get shut, and so I went to the window to investigate and found this:

Wasn't I just walking around in the yard in my *bare feet* like, yesterday? Sigh.

Not a shocker. We always have to have that one short warm snap in Feb. I think it shocks the world into reminding us that it's not that much longer!

Worked today on some photos, and getting a gallery ready for an engagement. Almost done with that. Finished designing a cute save the date postcard last night.

Also messed briefly with the etsy store. I have quite a few items in it now. Playing with my binding machine, and upcycling some packaging into notebooks and journals. It's kinda addictive. Gene wants to find some things he can make/work on in the evening just for something to do to add a few bucks onto the bottom line, so that might become his deal if they sell ok.

Off to work on a guestbook sample!

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