Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines from the cold Northwest (missouri)

Look what cupid brought me!

OK to be fair it was a drift, but it is a good 5".

Valentine's is a low key holiday for me, mainly cuz a long time ago, V-day was kinda ruined for me, and well, that's stuck in my craw for 20 years now. Acknowledge each other, do something nice and lets get on with our day. I don't need diamonds (although they are kinda nice).

Here's gene opening his Valentine's gift I made him.

He says he likes it and wore it today. I kinda expected him to just wear it for work to keep him warm.

Here's me. This is how crappy I look in the morning. My breakfast in bed for V-day. Which isn't a huge deal cuz he does this about every other week anyway, but it was nice cuz I was tired.
Even mack and Jingles are spreading the love. Mack is doing the licking and jingles is being spoiled. Srsly, what's new?
And here's the card I made Gene. It was a making memories chipboard heart I was going to use for the wedding but got tired of messing with stuff so I didn't do it. But it made an awesome card.

Cooking my V-day gift right now. 2 pounds of king crab and T-bones. Beats roses any day.

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