Thursday, February 5, 2009

bee: (bē) Noun 1. Busy As

{Apple landscape}

Every day, around 5 pm, the sun sets and shoots in my dining room window, directly onto my desk, shining into my left eye. Generally annoying, but once in a while it reminds me to look at the light differently. I got my camera, and an apple, and shot a few pics. This apple, reminds me of the dark side of the moon.

Very different for me, as I usually like bright pictures and tend to brighten everything.

The last couple days have been pretty fruitful/busy. Mainly because of one thing I've been trying to remember to do.

Make a list.

I always make lists, but for some reason got off doing it around christmas and I feel like I haven't accomplished as much because I don't have a set guideline in front of me of things that need to get done. So, a pile of screwed up prints from my computer led to scratch paper, which led to writing a list.

I know it's sad, but it's true. I'm a list gal.

Yesterday I ran around and did a bunch of errands, and today I ran around and did a bunch more. Boring stuff, but accomplished stuff. Post office, mailing bills, paying off Gene's seatbelt ticket (ack), working on some networking with other businesses, etc.

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time (and money) getting an etsy store set up, and I'm still not done! I have a bunch of stuff left from the scrapbook days that I want to try to list and find a new home for, and my old site needed so much work that I just didn't want to mess with it anymore so I completely took down the product section and replaced it with an etsy store. I'll share the link as soon as it's finished.

I'm also doing a ton of crocheting, which has kind of replaced scrapbooking at the moment. Not because I'm giving up scrapbooking, just because it's easy to crochet while I'm watching friends or american idol. I made an entire scarf for a christmas present in a day. I can handle that.

Yesterday I saw the coolest thing, I was driving home, and turning from highway 136 onto 148 north was TWO wind turbine blades. Now for the record, each is over 100 feet long. That's TWICE as long as a semi trailer and no bending in the middle. When you see them coming it's quite a sight, they have 2 highway patrolmen and 2 guide cars. The wingspan of a windturbine is almost the length of a football field!

Now, imagine trying to turn one of those things. It took them about 5 min to get through the intersection and dammit, I had considered taking the camera with me. *sigh* So, I thought I'd go home and catch them going over the hill, but came in, put away groceries and forgot. So.. next time.

Today, I accomplished something I've wanted to for 2.5 years - I paid off Tanner's braces!

They said he's within a few months of being done! I'm SO going to take him out for popcorn. Good thing he's an honest kid because I always forget and offer him popcorn. He's so honest that I wasn't going to make him go back to school, but he wanted to go back.

Srsly Tanner, what's wrong with you?

Another accomplishment today, Pay off one thing, take on another. I signed up to get health insurance today. We have the $$, I've just been putting it off, and I'm such a paranoid type that I couldn't stand it any longer.

Still have two 365 projects to post. I need to catch up again! I'll try to post those tonight!

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