Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend update

This weekend was busy! Friday night I did portraits at the Daddy Daughter Dance. It was so cool seeing all the pretty dresses on these little girls. They went all out! There were girls that looked like they were dressed for prom, complete with updos!

Gene helped keep track of people and keep them in order. He only screwed up once! I think we'll be ok trying to sort those 4 out.

Saturday I spent all day cropping with Amber at Scrapfest in Lenox, Iowa. It was a lot more than I expected and we had fun. The day went so fast. NO KIDDING. I would look at the clock, then look again 15 min later and an hour and 1/2 had passed!
Saturday Morning sunrise. Normally I don't see the sun *rise*. Usually the sunset as I'm not a morning person, but I got up early to head north and the sunrise and fog was too pretty not to snap a pic.

I worked on these butterfly albums for christmas gifts *all day*. Yes, I said christmas gifts. I think it's going to be a homemade christmas. I already have a ton of things made. Course I say that every year and give up somewhere around October. See the rest of the album here.

Amber, working the wonderous machine - the cricut.

Amber and I were the last 2 to leave. Seriously, at 9:05 they were all giving us a bit of the stink eye cleaning around our table. LOL. Here you can see us in the empty gym.

OK, I thought this was awesome. This begrudgingly makes Lenox HS cool. I can only say begrudgingly because they were our rivals in high school. I so want a big animal airbrushed on my wall now. Definitely not a Maryville Spoofhound. Unfortunately, that still sounds not cool. :p Although, if they did this it would push the cool factor up at least 3 notches.

The letters are frosted plexiglass that stuck out from the wall about an inch. Kind of a cool scrapbook/photography inspiration of some sort. *thinking*

Gene and Tanner had a little bonding time. They went out to eat and went to walmart. Gene had to get under the house to check the trap. Yes, we got a big fat mouse that tried to set up shop under the house. I could hear the dirty bugger chewing. You'd think a herd of beavers were under there. Well, very tiny beavers.

Funeral services were held today.


Sunday we went to St. Joe again. There was an antique show and there were quite a few really great booths. I was impressed. People brought out their best stuff. On the opposite hand, we stopped at an antique store we'd never been too. It smelled like dirty feet.

After leaving, we saw another dirty store and I bet Gene a flat screen tv that he wouldn't lick the doornob there. He almost did it. LOL. (this is the part where Carol feels ill. LOL). BTW, I said it was lick, taste, swallow. Not just lick and spit.

FYI, he doesn't have a big flat screen tv (yet).

ANYWAY... We did get a neat miniature antique covered wagon. I'll post pics in a bit but I have to leave in a min to go meet with another bride. Don't tell but I nearly forgot!! Oops. I about chocked myself for not writing that one on my calendar!!

More pics after bit.

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