Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you want quality, or quantity? I want QUANTITY.

I wore flip flops in February.
How can that not be awesome? srsly.

Today was one of those days that made me want to go outside, throw a blanket on the ground and just stare up at the sky for an hour. It would have been easy.

Instead, I opted to run some errands. In the process of looking for comfy pants, I happened across my capris, and capris call for flip flops. It was good, and I was warm and warm is good.

I gathered up my things (but forgot the cell phone like I do about 20% of the time) and headed out the door to the car, which sits just feet from the back door. I stopped dead in my tracks as I watched a very large bird (no idea what kind) just glided around the sky, over on the east acre of our 2 acre "spread".

"I get it"

I just stood and watched him as he glided through the slight breeze appreciating the opportunity to spread his wings and if I could have spoke bird, I would have told him that I get it. I wanna spread my wings a bit and shrug off the winter dust. I wanna appreciate the sky and how blue it is. I wanna mentally glide around and shut my eyes and hear nothing but the breeze and a great big bird talking to himself.

I guess that's hard to get if you live with blaring stereos and neighbors that run the leaf blower at 6 a.m. (instead of bending their ass over to pick up the 4 leaves on their manicured lawn). I love walking out my door and seeing a mile in every direction. Not just seeing the sky, but seeing *all of the sky*.

I guess being holed up in my house for 4 months has made me a little boring and maybe a bit stir crazy too. I feel like a lot of posts lately have been "I went to town. I bought bread, and butter, cuz gene likes butter. Butter is good."

What a yawnsville. I appreciate all those that have stuck through these trying times. ;P

I think I'm going to censor my posts a bit more, which might mean a couple less a week, but I'm trying to go for quality vs quantity. I read a post from another blogger just today, about having a good blog and she said "you don't have to hit publish on every post you start." At first I was a bit aghast at the idea of working on a post, and then never posting it, but then I realized she was right. No one wants to know my shower schedule. (which btw is on the list for tomorrow :p)

Old habits are hard to break.

PS. Isn't "quantity" a weird looking word in all caps? just sayin'

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