Tuesday, February 3, 2009

*sleepy eyes*


Got up at 8 a.m. with a bladder about to burst, and decided that 8 a.m. was more than enough sleep. Here it is almost 10 and my eyes say I'm a liar! I still want to go back to sleep. I slept so hard last night, I barely moved.

Which is bad, because I have crap to do today. Errands in town, get my nail fixed *again* (broke twice in 2 weeks. boo on that), write a proposal to do some networking with a business or two I'd like to work with, go to walmart (blech), take care of some advertising, take a shower.

Shower is high on that priority list, in fact, it's going to dictate the rest of this day. I just can't make myself go *stand* there for 20 min. Yes it takes that long, I have hair down to my ass so stop yer bellyachin. I need that shower because I think one of the shirts that I bought has some weird finish in it. I'm all itchy since I wore it.

Who's gonna carry me to the shower?

Diet coke is not cutting it today.

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