Friday, February 27, 2009

Everyday addicts

I have issues.

I know it, and I have visual proof:

I'm addicted to crochet again. Well, when I say again, I mean finally. I learned to crochet when I was about 8 or 9. My mom taught me the broomstick stitch and that's pretty much all I knew for years. To this day I've never seen anyone else do it except my mom.

I guess it's been easy to become addicted because I have that OCD type personality that has to be doing SOMETHING. Now something might be reading a magazine while watching TV, or listening to Dave Ramsey while editing photos, but it has to be more than just sitting there. I guess that is my Grandma Marie gene. I really don't ever remember her not having something to do with her hands.

So anyway, american idol is on again, you know that show that drags on incessently for 5 months when it could be 3, and 1/3 of it I don't even like (the part right now). I don't even listen to music!!! *sigh*

Anyway, 2 hours on tuesday and 1 hour on wednesday is 3 hours that I can't sit there. So I decided that crochet is my thing to do while watching idol. (and Friends reruns every night from 6-7, and seriously those never get old).

Last night at 6:30 I started the above scarf. I showed it to Gene, asked him if he thought the colors were pretty, and then started treble stitching away. 45 min later I show it to gene and it's 18 inches long. His was floored it was going so fast and his imitation of me crocheting looked much like the eyebrowless banjo playing boy on "Deliverance".


It warranted a belly laugh.

1.5 hours later and it was done.

Damn I rock.
Lord I'm lame.

And here is our other addiction:

And when I say "we" I mean me.

Yes folks, that's THREE family sized boxes of honey bunches of oats *with almonds*. I buy them in pairs now. Once in a while tanner begs for something else, and then it rots in the back of the pantry while we all nosh on this stuff. They sprinkle crack on it, did you know that? CRACK ppl.


Try it. Join me. Just a little, you can quit whenever you want.


~Caro~ said...

We love that cereal too. It's the only one we buy each week. The kids' faves and DHs fave too.

Here in Canada you can buy huge JUMBO sized Honey Bunches Of Oats with Almonds @ Costco!!!

Jena said...

I absolutely love your site. I enjoy your humor and your pictures. I also have found so many cool blogs that you have recommended or mentioned. (Thanks!) You and I are really similar. I cannot sit still either (it used to really get on my DH's nerves - he'd say "Can't you just sit still and watch one movie?"). I have learned to bring something with me to the couch when trying to watch TV (crocheting, knitting, cross-stitch whatever). Also, after 14 yrs. of marriage DH has gotten used to me not being still. ;o) Thanks for a great blog!!!!!

Lana said...

Jena.. thank you! That makes me happy that others enjoy what I'm saying. sometimes I feel like I'm talking to thin air.


We can get those jumbo boxes at Sam's club, but they don't have as many almonds in them! We get ripped! lol.

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