Monday, August 31, 2009

Did you put on your protective pocket dear?

This morning (or what is commonly referred to as "this afternoon" by average folks that have day jobs) I was sitting at my computer, nursing a headache and exhaustion. I have a feeling I might have a cold coming on, for some reason, I've just been really tired the last couple days.

Anyway, I hear this very familiar noise...


And then again
And again.

I knew exactly what it was! A crop duster!

So I picked up my camera and rushed outside. It was then that I decided that my small lens wasn't going to cut it, so I went back inside and said to myself. "Where's that lens that cost more than your first CAR?" I couldn't find it. I was in a fog, so I really wasn't all that fast on my feet.

Eventually I realized it was right where I left it.


It was somewhere around her that I decided I want to be a crop duster. It's like getting paid to drive a really awesome fast roller coaster.

with chemicals.


I'm kinda reserving judgement for how I feel about all these chemicals being within feet of my house. I decided I was glad that we at least took the pool down so I didn't have to worry about it. I guess it comes with the territory living in the middle of a bean field.

I'll let you know if I start peeing blood or if I lose sight out of my right eye.

I'm sure he probably gets his picture taken a lot, but how often does he see a photographer in her jammies (I said it was *my* morning right?) with a long lens standing within 50 feet of where he's flying? Probably not often.

It did make for some awesome shots.

I wanna be on the cover of the crop dusters monthly.


Did I mention that happened to me 2 summers ago? I talked about crop dusting and some crop dusting organization linked my blog. I got a ton of traffic, mainly cuz they took what I said wrong.

I was even nice!


Sometimes people are just looking for a fight.

Holy crap pull up!!




This is where the neighbors horses started galloping like mad. I don't think they like crop dusters.

Or maybe they just thought it was cool and they were pretending to fly.

At one point he was so close I could tell you what he had for breakfast.


It was oatmeal with bananas.

Why bananas? Cuz they taste the same coming up as they do going down.


Mr Crop Duster: Also, you probably should get that cavity refilled. Silver isn't nearly as strong as gold. Oh, and I called and set an appointment for your prostrate exam.

You're welcome btw.

Later, I was telling Gene about the crop dusting activities for the day, and he said, "why do they bother to wear helmets? Because if they crash, it's not like it's going to save them."

I say, "Think of it more like a pocket, a place to hold valuable stuff so you don't lose them. You know, so your teeth don't get scattered all over a bean field. It's all in one handy little spot."

I wanna be a crop duster.


Nancy said...

Not sure which I like best, the photos or your story! That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Funny how everyone gets their panties all in a wad over their interpretation of what you said. Their INTERPRETATION!

Great shots, by the way.

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