Thursday, August 20, 2009

I fell asleep with a popsicle in my shoe last night...

No really. I did.

Let me backtrack a bit.

I went to the dr yesterday for my second appointment. It was at this point he wanted to do some more xrays to make sure that I didn't have broken bones on the right side of my foot since I'd had so much pain there last week.

In this week, my foot has done REALLY WELL. I admitted to the doctor and nurses, I had been walking on my first cast (with the shoe on the bottom) without crutches, and that my foot didn't hurt AT ALL. No really. Where it was hurting the most, was where the cast was rubbing on the ball of my foot, and banging up against the heel. Seems counter productive to me.

So I went in, I know really early, but I wanted to get into a walking cast. I'd done a google before I left, and had seen pics of what I thought was a walking cast. I get there, and they inform me that a walking cast is what I had, only with more crap on the bottom so I don't break the cast. Oh hell to the no!

Trust me, I'd never make it in some Chinese prison torture camp. I'd out the secret location of our nuclear missile sites in no time. Just put a freaking cast on me, and don't let me have a back scratcher to itch my ankle. I'd cave in like 2 days.

So I talked to the Dr, and I explained that I was in NO PAIN. That I think the pain I had, was a sprained ankle. That it did hurt first thing in the morning, and when I sit a lot it swells.

He tells the nurse to put a walking boot on me.
*glorious music from heaven above*

She was none too happy. She did NOT want to do it, I could tell by the look on her face. She was nice about it, not mean at all, but I could tell she thought it was too soon. Maybe it was. But regardless, it's on there now and I have some semblance of a life back.

I see him again in 3 weeks. In the meantime, I can work and go places (I hope, because I don't know yet if my new boot fits on the gas pedal of the car. oops. lol).

I still am having some swelling. Especially when I sit. If I stand or lay down, I'm fine, sitting is an issue. weird. So my solution has been awesome. I take one of those tube popsicles, put it in a sock, unvelcro my boot and stick it in there. It's amazing! You can see exactly where the ice was (like literally a 1/2" dip in my skin). Last night I was up for a while, and to keep the pain down I was doing the popsicle routine.

I decided to go to bed, and wanted to sleep quickly (the swelling keeps me up), so I left it in thinking I'd pull it out after a few min. Well, I fell asleep with the popsicle in my shoe. haha. I woke up at 4 a.m. with a melted Popsicle and a sock shoved in my now very loose boot.

now who says I don't know how to party?

I have lots of catching up to do. Photos to work on, (i'm like 2 weeks behind now), lots of emails, a few phone calls, a trip to the store, a trip to the DMV for a temp handicap tag, etc.

Speaking of DMV, is it a *requirement* to be bitchy to work there? I'm just saying. Dude, why ya giving me a hard time? I'm *on crutches*

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MyRubySlippersLife said...

Beautiful photos!
I'll be visiting again.

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