Thursday, August 6, 2009

ohh.. prettttty

While on a trip some place, or in major photo taking mode, I will usually add another little "assignment" for myself. No idea why I do this, except to just challenge myself and see what I come up with.

I once took a class on photography, and one of our assignments was composition. Well, since I already knew composition, I took my roll of film and also worked on depth of field that week too.

Just because I'm wicked fun like that. :p

So when we went to Colorado, AND I found out there was no way I was going to talk Gene into going on an extra long trip to the wildflower capital of the world. (hmmmmfpt), I started taking tons of flower pictures.

Most were in the wild, a few was in some landscaping and there's even a couple from our hotel. I've included every single flower I took a photo of, except for one. It's ok, it wasn't that noteworthy. There's a lot... soak it in, there's only thistle around here for you to enjoy from this point out :p


I LOVE how the orange just pops out of the purple.





I saw these along side the road, and said "oooh.. those are pretty" and without asking, Gene just stopped along a busy highway so I could snap a few pics. hehe. Good husband!


The 2 on the bottom are blooming cactii. The good news is, we were there the 3 weeks during the year they bloomed. The bad news is, the gnats come along with them. THAT GOT OLD.


Next time we go, yep, we're going to Crested Butte.

Sorry dear.

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