Monday, August 24, 2009

Lots of new faces

One thing you'll learn about my husband, is that he's pretty fiercely loyal to his friends as long as they stay loyal to him. Another thing you'll learn about him and his friends, is that they could easily make up the characters from a Shakespearean comedy. Each one funny, quirky and weird in their own special ways.

Having said that... meet Lee:


These are the only 2 pics you'll see of Lee. Not because I didn't want to take more, but just because it just never seemed to happen.


Let me backtrack.
Saturday morning, we got up early and headed south. It was several hours, and we were on the north end of the Ozarks, right around the area where the rock starts to turn to a pretty reddish brown, instead of that boring grey I get to see every day.

We were going to see an old dear friend of Gene's, Lee. Lee has known Gene for gosh, probably over 20 years if not more (poor guy). Lee used to be Gene's boss when he was a manager of a glass shop a *really long time ago*. Gene was the manager, and Lee was the regional manager.

Lee has since retired from the business and has a new wife Debbie. (sorry, no pics of the beautiful Debbie - I wanted to get pics of them on their bikes, but it just never seemed the right time).

Debbie, however, has some beautiful kids, and beautiful grandbabies too.


This is new baby, Bradyn. He has the most sweet disposition, I don't think I heard him cry once in two days.


He also has a rooster hairdo that I LOVE almost as much as his cute little nose with the big bump. He has a beautiful nose like his mamma's! I hope he appreciates it because he's going to be very handsome.


I can't stop myself from taking baby toe photos.


This is Lexi. She's 3 but looks close to 5. She's smart as a whip and cute as a button. I wanted to take her home and eat her, I know she would have been sweet because in the first couple hours we were there, she had strawberry milk (x2), cotton candy, and a bowl of sprinkles (did I mention she's spoiled too?). When I said something to her about being sweet cuz she ate so much sugar, she picked up a pixie stick and looked at me with a sugar induced crazy look.

She's wet in this photo because she was washing grandpa's Kubota. (in fact she calls Lee, "Grandpa Kubota"), then mom's car, then grandma's car, then she got bored and made an "umbrella" out of her garden hose.

It was cute, but I was too scared to get within 49 feet of a 3 year old with a garden hose holding a DSLR. Probably wisest move I made all weekend.


These faces are Nike on the left, and Thumper on the right. Nike is a golden lab with a big black swish on her side. Looks like she has an oil spill she got into. She just wants to be loved. Thumper has soulful eyes that makes me want to snuggle up with her on her big fluffy pillow.

Along with a couple dogs, Lee and Debbie have about 1900 of these:


Yep. They have to outdo my hummingbirds by a long shot.

They have so many that they are almost like moths around a street light. ALMOST like a pest there were so many, and we could sit within a couple feet and they were not scared.


At points, they were like KCI, circling and waiting to clearance to land.

And that's when there were just around 15 of them. Debbie said they can have so many that they have to go inside because it's so loud they can't hear each other talk.


They have a pretty little house out in the middle of the woods with a cute little guest house attached to their garage. That's where we stayed. I'm kinda thinking we need a guest house now. So when our noisey/loud/stinky friends/family come to town, we can be at a safe distance :p

While we were there, Debbie told us about a great deal at the State Fair in Sedalia. 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets for $30! So we left a tiny bit early paid $12 admission and bought 2 new sets of sheets. That's it, I didn't want to walk all over the fair so we were there around 15 min. LOL.

We had date for lunch on Sunday. I met up with this handsome hunk of meat:


Bet you thought you were gonna see a guy didn't you?

We stopped to visit our friends Debbie (different debbie) and Duane again, and have lunch. Now, this not lunch. This is *luuuuunch*, mouth melting smoked brisket.

I have to say that the first time I met D&D, I kinda embarassed myself eating Duane's brisket. Later I said "omg, did I just do that?"

"Are there any leftovers?"

I'm trying to talk them into a BBQ place. I'm going to name it either Big D BBQ or Double D bbq (but I don't know if Debbie can really live up to that or not :p lolol).

We didn't get to stay as long as I'd like (after all there was BBQ left), but I was so worn out. Lugging around a peg leg makes you tired.

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