Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scrapbook page - Coifed (wedding album)

A new scrapbook page for the wedding album. Yes, of my hair. (get over it). My hair was a big concern for me. I thought about what I'd do for over a YEAR. Amber really helped me finally come up with a plan and I loved it!

Amber, please come down here every morning around 8 to fix my hair for me? kthnxbai.






This flower is actually one of the flowers from my hair. I wanted to use them all, but I think I let the girls play with them!


Paper: My minds eye
Ribbon: Martha Stewart
Circle diecut paper: Crate paper
Title letters: American crafts thickers
Journal stamp: Autum leaves (I'm pretty sure, I took off the pkging)

Stacy and I have started a challenge!

About a week ago, she told me about a chick that was doing a 100 page challenge, no shopping (shop your stash). I really like challenges - they force me to be super creative.

I thought hard about upping the ante a bit. How about a 365 page challenge. No shopping. *thats a lot of pages* Probably more than I do in a year. I'm not worried about the money, it's just that I have plenty of things right in my own house, that I probably should try to use up. Including things I still really like that are 7-8 years old!!

Stacy stopped by yesterday, and we talked about the challenge. She's game too! So here are our rules...

  • No shopping except for adhesive (because you always need that stuff).
  • At 100 pages we each have something picked out that we want to buy. For Stacy, it's some basic grey sets she wants to get in October at CKC in KC (say that 3 times fast). For me, it's Martha Stewart's Loop punches... which are limited edition so I need to haul arse so I can get them! LOL.
  • About once a month we'll do a "shopping trip" in each other's stash! So we get to feel like new goodies, but spend nothing. This will be more difficult for me, as I have a hard time giving up paper! lol.

So join us won't you!? I'll keep a ticker at the right so you'll know our progress.

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