Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sara + Brian = Engaged!

Meet Sara and Brian


Sara and Brian are now a super special couple to me. I'll explain in a moment. But first I have to preface with the fact that we TRIED to work together for their wedding, but I was already booked. Which was a real bummer because I think they are really sweet and kind people.

However, Sara's brother is getting married next year, and I'll be shooting that one, so I will get to see Sara and Brian again soon.

We went out to the college like I do about 50% of my engagement shoots. I do this because most of my couples have gone to school here in Maryville and I feel like a photo on the kissing bridge, and around the pond are just darn near REQUIRED.



Wanna know how to tell when a very conservative guy really, really loves his girl? He'll let you take cutesy smoochy shots like this one:


In fact, he was saying "I can just FEEL the cute."
Thank you Brian for playing along. See how cute you look!? :)


The pond is very pretty and always well landscaped. The college grounds keepers do such a beautiful job. There's 2 waterfalls on the other end, and a really cool rock wall that I shoot from a lot. You can get some really neat angles.

This is the second to the last photo I took:


30 seconds later, I was laying on the ground writhing in pain cuz I'm stupid. I tripped over said rock wall and broke my foot. Technically I just cracked it and sprained it. I'll settle for that. I hate to see what a big break feels like.

Anyway, Brian and Sara stayed with me until my husband showed up, and Brian even helped tote my big butt to the car so I could get to the emergency room.

Brian. You rock.

Both of you, I'm sorry. I'm normally not so lame and a killjoy. LOL!

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Clarity said...

They look LOVELY. Sorry about your foot and I hope you're better. Truly CUTE pictures.. hehe.

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