Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a few Home Improvements

When we bought this house, we were very optimistic about all the wonderful things we would accomplish.

First things first, we had to put a roof on it. No getting around it. Not glamorous, rarely adding beauty to the house, but it had to be done. God bless our friend Bobby coming up to help us because neither of us had ever roofed before. I do say, it looks pretty good and it'll last 30 years (in theory).

After that, we had to get the inside to a livable level. Meaning, we had to have floors. What an absolute nightmare. Our floors are actual 1 x 8 planks so there's a lot more work involved in that as opposed to just some snap together laminate. That took 3 weeks and there was just enough time to move in.

That leaves *everything else*

One of those being the new countertops in the kitchen. Granite we bought months before we moved in, and we'll be here 2 years in October. I've been dragging my feet because of this right here:


The kitchen sink. I really didn't want to be without a sink for a couple weeks. So finally I have a day with my guard down, and I suggest we buy new sinks. Within a couple hours, we were on our way home with 2 new matching sinks (one to replace the above, and the other for the new prep sink in the island we're putting in).

The new wore off pretty quick.
We've had them for a few months now.

So about a month ago, we started on section one. I kept dragging my feet.
Finally, with threats of divorce papers, we started section two on Saturday.



(That ugly floral print is what all the walls used to look like. ACKKKK!! )

We cleaned off the counters, installed the hardiboard backer, took a break for it to set and went swimming. The plan was for Gene to cut the tile and I would set them later that evening. Then I went on the DREADED PHOTO SHOOT.

That left the tile setting to Gene, as we did not have running water in the kitchen, and washing dishes in the tub is OFF LIMITS (but go Tanner for washing them in the bathroom without me asking him).


Am I 100% happy with the job? No. Let's be honest here. Gene does not have the perfectionist anal tendencies I do, but it's done, and having running water and a beautiful corian sink and granite counter tops is what matters most.

And no island until I have 2 working feet cuz hell have no fury.

In other home improvement news...



Pepper got her house updated the other night and Jingles and I got to do a little bit of babysitting.


Jingles was particularly interested in what was going on in that little carrier.


He gave up after a while and went back to being cute.

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Life is good! said...

love love love the new sink. oh and the cat and mouse pictures too!

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