Thursday, August 13, 2009

The view from my front yard


One of the great things about living out here with great big skies no matter which way you look, is a guarantee of a beautiful sunset, almost nightly.


I'm sure we have nothing on some tropical paradise, but for 5% of the price, I'll take 50% of the sunset. (Cost to value ratio is much better here. Trust me on this one.)

The down side is, I'm missing most of it. Grr. Most of the time, I lay in bed, and everyone else tells me how great it is. Cept now, Tanner is gone for a few days and so I have no updates.

I did however, catch this view from my window today:



Unbearably exciting isn't it. Ohhh.. spraying.

I was outside yesterday eve, and am able to walk a bit on my foot with the crutches as support. I think I got carried away with my new found "freedom" and my foot hurt like a son of a gun last night. I couldn't sleep until 1:30 a.m. and my foot was swollen. oops. OK, more swollen.

I took it easy today, and listed some jewelry for Gene's shop (see right), which of course, is his way of thinking "great, she has time to do more listings." He's in for a rude awakening I think. LOL. I think he needs a secretary.

I however need a secretary too. And a nurse, but I'd settle for a 14 year old to bring me cereal.


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