Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stuff that Rocks - Laura Mehmert, Colorado Artist

When I travel anyplace, I rarely buy a souvenir anymore. I have no desire to have a shot glass with a picture of sitting bull or a spoon with an engraving of the grand canyon. Sorry, It just doesn't float my boat.

I used to buy postcards and I would say "I can't take a photo as beautiful as that, so I'll just buy some postcards." However, I don't feel that is the case anymore, so now I just say that the photos are the souvenirs for me, after all, how better to remember a beautiful place, than with a beautiful photo, correct?

So when we went to Colorado, I didn't really intend to buy anything. It makes for a cheap trip anyway! Oh, of course I have my obligatory T-shirt (as does Tanner, Seth and Gene) but mainly, it's just the photos.

I did make one exception tho. I found this beautiful little art gallery that obviously was owned by my shopping soul mate. Even at check out, I was still walking away saying "oh I missed that!".

Maybe it's because it was filled with beautiful little art pieces in most of the things I love... watercolors and sculptures. Sadly, I forgot to write down the name of the shop, or even where we bought it! *sob*.. and I paid cash so I can't even check my bank account.

Anyway, we walked out with this wonderful watercolor print by Laura Mehmert.


I am unsure what my obsession with horses has been lately. Gene says he's concerned, because if I love horse stuff, someday I'm going to want a horse. That might be true, but to be fair, it's been something like 35 years since I've been on a horse. So yeah, I was just an egg back then :p

I doubt it's gonna happen any time soon.


The down side (up side?) to buying a print, is that then you have (get?) to go on a shopping trip trying to find the "perfect" frame. Oh, and the perfect mat. Rock on Michael's for having both.. and the frame on sale.

Of course, it never fails, why is it the thing that is so absolutely perfect, is so absolutely the most expensive too? really. I talked to Gene, he said "let's just wait" and then before I could get out of the store, he calls back and says "Ok if it's perfect just get it."


This beautiful rusty orange mat perfectly matched the highlights in the horse's neck. It was also three times what I figured I'd have to pay. Then I realized it's not 1992 anymore, and prices go up.

It was because of this, that I turned down a second print I LOVED, later on in the vacation. Gene offered to go back like 7 times, I said no like 6 times. Secretly I want that print too. OF A HORSE! (srsly, I have issues). This one was a photo, if that makes it any better?

Right now, it's still sitting in my living room, waiting for the perfect home, which might end up being next to that unbearably huge deer head that's collecting dust on my wall over my couch.

But, you know, we gotta share the decorating right?


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