Monday, August 10, 2009

Yes, they're natural


A couple days ago, before I stupidly disabled myself, I went outside in the morning and found that there was lots of dewy drops all over everything. Of course, I love to take macros of every little "thing", but part of me was sad, because it felt like fall, and I'm not ready for fall yet.

I am, however, ready to move to someplace warmer.



I love this dandelion, it reminds me of my dandelion last year, that loved so much that I made it into a 16 x 20 for my living room wall. I like how this one, the depth of field is so narrow, and it's exposed for the whitest part, that the darkest parts almost look like it's dropped off into eternity.



Contrary to popular belief, spiderwebs can be beautiful. Until I walk into one, then not so much.



No idea what these "flowers" (weeds) are called, but I think they are actually kind of pretty. Especially pretty with dew on them.


Clover is my "grass" of laziness choice. It's actually kind of pretty with the dew on it.



The soybeans are in, and finally doing well with all the rain.


Later that day, Tanner mowed. He's turned into the frog/toad whisperer, as every time he goes outside, he finds a new frog or toad. He captured this guy, and brought him up so I could get some good close up shots.

We named him spot. :p


Turtle Taylor said...

Those are amazing photos!

Jena said...

The flower that you think is pretty, but not sure what it is called is called 'Queen Anne's Lace.' (Down here in the south is has a not so pretty name - Chigger Weed, I prefer Queen Anne's Lace.)

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