Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm a special Fred

I have an interesting story, that shows how sometimes life comes full circle.

When we were young kids, my dad worked construction for my uncle. As a supplementary income, my mom was a painter. Nope, she didn't paint houses or bathrooms, she was an artist. She painted artwork.

Mainly she painted saw blades, which back in the 80's was really popular, but she also painted on things like milk cans, cheese boxes, etc. We spent hours and hours at auctions looking for antique things for mom to paint on.

That was the easy part. The hard part was traveling all over the country looking for places to sell her artwork. That involved a lot of packing and unpacking of stuff that is REALLY HEAVY. Trust me, pick up a 40" buzz saw blade and you'll pray you don't drop it on your foot in the process.

One day, we were packing the truck for mom to head off to a show in a couple days. I was inside, and she was outside. She came in crying and holding her wrist. I guess, she had been on the tailgate, went to jump down and fell on her arm. We went upstairs and wrapped it with a bandage, and within minutes she was wanting it off because of the swelling, it was too painful.

Mom ended up at the dr, and yep, she'd broken her wrist. This really was a bad time considering it was craft show season and she'd broken her painting arm.

If I remember correctly, it took her about 6 weeks to heal, and she just barely squeaked by with learning to paint (kinda) with her left hand, and the stock she already had on hand, but she made it.

Now, having said that....


Yesterday, I was doing a shoot at Colden Pond at the college. I shoot there frequently as it's one of the most beautiful spots in town. Any local will tell you that there's large stones that cap the edge of the pond. I was walking along trying to get a better angle with the light. I stepped down from one big rock, and my ankle just twisted, I hit the ground face first, my camera hit another huge rock and I was in instant pain.

Now, considering that this couple and I were already supposed to work together but I had a huge scheduling conflict, I totally felt like an idiot because I was doing this for them as a favor. I was having a good time because they are so cute and very sweet people, and here I'm laying on the ground crying my eyes out.

I found my phone, called gene and he brought Tanner. They were there fairly quick, but it felt like forever. Ironically, there was a doctor there fishing. Not only, did it take him like 5 min to come over and see what was wrong. He looked at it for 2 min and left to go back fishing. Gee, thanks doc for your superior bedside manor. I'm expecting a bill any time.

It won't be paid.

I was really worried about my camera. I watched it hit the ground HARD. My best camera, my most expensive lens. That could cost more than an ER bill to replace.


This is the picture I took, while laying on the ground writhing in pain. See where my priorities lie? yep, I think my camera is ok. I will forever use only Canon and canon lenses. Period. I love you Canon.... so much I'm going to get your logo tattooed on me someday. heh.

So we get to the emergency room after a really frightful ride. Basically, I was told I have a cracked bone in my foot (not ankle) so that's not too bad. I have to call an orthopedic Dr on Monday and get in. The Dr said I will probably have to wear an orthopedic shoe (I doubt that, it hurts pretty bad still) or a walking cast. A walking cast is GOOD because It means I get to work. Well, so does a shoe. So, I won't be missing any weddings. I might have to sit more than I planned, but right now everything is ok.

At the moment, I'm whittling away at the dvr with all the shows I never take the time to watch (home improvement) with a laptop in bed. (I hate sitting here). Gene is tiling.

Oh... did I mention that I have no kitchen sink? yeah, we took it out Saturday morning to finish the kitchen tiling, with the intent to have to all back with 3 days. Yeah that's not going to happen.

paper plate are our friends!

So, I'm trusting him to do the tiling himself, on the worst part that has to be perfect. And I'm so anal about it. ACK!!!

So mom. I feel your pain. Literally.
The things we do for "our art"


Kelly's Ideas said...

Glad you were not more seriously hurt. I love your pictures.

Vanessa said...

I have no words. TG you weren't more seriously hurt! It is my fear that something like this happens during wedding season!!

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