Monday, September 20, 2010

Bees = busy and such


This past week was a bit nuts, but the weekend was really busy. Saturday we had a garage sale. Garage sales stress me out to the max, and I always swear to Jesus that I'm never doing it again.

We don't haved a truck, or a mini van, or a cargo van, or a boeing 747, so we needed to borrow a trailer somewhere. I asked my mom, and come to find out, she was having a garage sale the same day too up in Iowa, so instead, she let me borrow her truck. Friday morning, I had to run up there to pick that up, then we went to my Aunt's house and picked pears and apples because she has enough to feed a small army. I'm not exaggerating that at all. After I got home I got to thinking, that any man that owns a blossoming apple tree, will never go hungry.

You will also always have bees, birds and bird poop.

All Friday afternoon I spent cleaning out boxes in my storage unit. I would like for it to disappear soon and that is a possiblity - well, maybe a small one - once we get the motorcycle and stuff for the antique booth out of it. There were so many boxes in there that I hadn't even looked in for 3 years and I realized it was time to be honest with myself.... my old scrapbook business was not reviving itself so it was time to go. Most of it being raw materials to make my old products.

Friday night we sorted through boxes, laying everything out on tables, and then Tanner and I walked around scanning to see that everything was marked. We rolled home around 11:30 pm. Saturday morning, we get up early, put out the signs and prepare for the masses. Actually, there was not a crush of customers, but we did do pretty well, as well as Tanner did too - he's saving to buy a car.

Tanner ditched us and went to Omaha with upward bound, so that left Gene and I to clean up. Imagine how "excited" we were when we found out that the only place in town to take general donations, were not accepting anything. So back to the storage unit we went, all the while watching heavy thunderstorm clouds rolling in. After we got home, we both needed a good long nap.

Saturday night I met with a wonderful couple who are getting married next summer. My normal 1 hour consulation, took almost 2 because we were having such a good time chatting. I was pretty hungry when I got home.

Sunday morning I got up to clean the house. It was a disaster zone - after a garage sale. Our friends Debbie and Duane came by after going to the Omaha zoo. We wanted to go along, but stupid garage sale (!!!) kept us away. They stayed and visited a couple hours, and then Sunday afternoon we decided to go ito town and have lunch. Afterwards we gave in, and spent all our garage sale money, PLUS MORE on a utility trailer for the jeep. Oh, and we had to do the papework twice because the first trailer they gave us had tons of paint damage. It would have been nice to have had that trailer, oh, 24 hours earlier. Then that night, I had an engagement shoot where the weather could have played along a little better.

I slept in until 9:30 today. I really could have slept til noon.

There's a lot of catching up to do this week, including blogging, so you'll see more out of me. I have some making up to do.

TODAY: Laundry on the line, a trip to the bank, a shower, buying milk and cereal as it's my life blood, catching up on 93 emails and appreciating a 92 degree day in SEPTEMBER.

Go September! Kick October's ass!

Calgon take me away.
To tahiti...
for like $7.50.

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