Saturday, September 11, 2010

The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades

I see the light

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So something kind of exciting happened the other day. I won something! Something worth a LOT OF MONEY.... but first let me explain.

Look over there ----------------->

See that ad? It's from Blogher. Blogher is a network of women bloggers, or blogs written mainly for women. That alone makes it pretty cool. I've finally found my "voice" after a couple years of writing (yes sometimes it takes that long!). I feel like my blog has turned from something like a long status update, or a tweet on steroids, into stories. Short stories, or long stories. Some make you laugh. Some only make ME laugh. Some make us cry. Some make us think. But mainly, they are there to have fun.

Once this site morphed from that thing to this thing, and my hits started to increase, I realized I could network with more women, and more bloggers, and in the meantime, we might as well put a little ad over their too no? So I applied for the blogher network ad system, and darn it if I didn't get accepted almost immediately! I was impressed considering some people have to wait a long time. (thanks blogher, you're awesome).

Slowly I've built up a little money in there. No, I can't buy a car, but I might be able to buy a few meals. Hey, free meals are good. I'm just sayin.

So something that they do, is to frequently send out surveys and such. I know a lot of ppl probably just hit delete, but because I'm pretty excited and thankful to be part of such a cool group of people, I always fill them out.

The last one, took a while. I thought 3 minutes and it ended up being almost 15-20. At one point I almost closed the window and said forget it. If I was married to me, and installed glass for a living, that's exactly what would have happened.


So a couple days ago, I get an email from the blogher gals telling me I'd won something for filling out the survey. GET OUT! *push* No way?

Yep... what I won, was a full 2 day pass to the Blogher convention in San Diego next year!! This doesn't include airfare or hotel, but still the pass is worth quite a bit. I can pretty much go and see anything I want to do for TWO WHOLE DAYS. The blogher convention is one of the biggest blogging conventions in the darn world, and I'm gonna get to see it all. Maybe that even means I can stalk Pioneer Woman from up close instead of just afar like I have been!!

It's almost a year away - 11 months. So this gives me plenty of time to "get ready" and go in with a plan. I don't know for sure what the "plan" is, but I'll come up with something. In the mean time, I have a few goals for myself that I'd love to accomplish so I can have a really enjoyable trip.

1. Come up with a plan.**
2. Total revamp of the blog.
3. Hammer out this domain problem I'm having if that means spending the money with a tech in India to fix it for me. I can do that ya know. It's pretty cool.
4. Lose 50 pounds. I know we've heard that one before, but dude I feel like crap lately and shooting when I'm overweight is hard, and my feet are killing me, and my back hurts - especially when you add a camera that weighs about 12 pounds and hang it out in front of your face. ugh.
5. Get more involved with the blogher gals - it'd be nice to know someone there!
6. Monetize more! ***

**plans are important. plans are cool. put something here that denotes 2 asterisks. learn how to spell asterisks on the first try. yes I typed this all on purpose.

*** Monetizing your blog means that you ad advertisements to it in hopes of generating a little income off your site. So, if you visit a blog you like, one thing you can do to thank that person for having a cool blog, is to click on one of their ads. How awesome is that? And easy!

What I plan on doing, is adding static ads from other businesses that might be interested in a little extra exposure here at Mz-Cellaneous. That might be a type of camera lens, or poultry feed, or crackers for the kids, or maybe even a local bar. Please contact me for rates! I promise, you are looking at VERY GOOD prices. Think less than $25! I'm very excited about this plan. Do it NOW! What if I'm a huge success someday and you can say "yeah, I advertised on Mz-cellaneous back when you could get an ad for less than $25". Bragging rights dude.

Thanks for following along as I rambled. If you are still with me, I award you 12 interwebz. Spend them wisely.

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gowestferalwoman said...

you forgot to add "build a bigger chicken coop" to you to-do list...

Girl, you be going places! :)

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