Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sooo... my husband made me sleep on the couch the other night

and I wasn't very happy about it either.

I was up late, working on an album. I've decided it's OK to be a night owl, as I seem to get a lot of work done from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. I thought maybe if I slept in a little longer, I could extend my work hours.

So around 2:30, I head off to bed, only to find the door locked.

Not one of those interior doors that you can just stick a nail in the hole either, one with an actual key. Only I don't have the key, in fact, I never have had the key.

Now the common folk would just beat on the door and cause a ruckus. However, I did not for two reasons. First off, I'm fairly confident that my husband had PTSD at one point in his life, and I try not to push it when he's asleep. Second, he's unpleasant when you wake him up.

A lot.

So I figured I'd wait it out on the couch, since really, he always has to get up and potty at some point at night and checks to see if I'm in bed when he does. (now you're thinking about my husband going potty aren't you? I'm sorry!)

Bad news tho... he NEVER GOT UP to go Potty!!!

6:15 rolls around and it's time for him to get ready for work. He comes straight out the door apologizing for being a jackhole and not realizing he'd locked the door.

I was grumpy.
Seriously do you blame me?

A cat slept on my feet all night, my back was out of place and the brand new couch is much more comfortable to sit on than sleep on. Oh, and he had my damn pillow.

When I got up later, stumbled into the kitchen I found this letter:


It's hard to stay mad when he apologizes profusely. However it is easier to stay mad because my back is still out of place.

I think I might be able to finagle a back rub out of this deal yet!


Analee said...

what is it about those late hours that allow for so much productivity? i am the same way.

hope your back gets better AND you get a back rub!

Kristina Churchill said...

Men can be such ____________ (fill in the blank) (LOL)

I am a night owl too, so much work can get done at 12:00am!


gowestferalwoman said...


and good food.

Im pretty easy to please when it comes to hubby mistakes...

did I mention jewelry?

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