Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's go treasure hunting shall we?


When I was a little girl, I had this deep fascination with hidden treasures. You know the story, a map with a winding dotted path leading to more clues and more clues until you reached the big black X on the ground marking the spot where you dig.

My cousin and I used to make our own treasure maps. We would come up with a handful of pennies, a baby food jar and bury it under the porch with a treasure map. The master plan all along was to hide it and pass the "map" down for generations to come for their treasure. The reality was, that the pennies would never seem to stay buried more than a couple days before someone cracked under the pressure.

{That would be me.}

As I grew up, I still had this love for treasures and I still love to watch shows about buried treasures and sunken ships full of gold. I even find it interesting that people will dig up old latrines to find antique bottles that were buried in the "muck" 150 years ago.

A couple years back, I bought Gene a metal detector (which the man does NOT have enough patience for) and on our honeymoon, we panned for gold - and actually found some!

To say that I like to find something valuable out of nothing, is an understatement. In keeping with that thought process, I realized that this way of thinking has made me fall in love with the wind turbines... pulling free energy literally out of the air, and creating a car that runs off of used fast food grease. All amazing things, that are valuable - and yet virtually free.

So I think I know now, after my epiphany, why I like chickens so much. It's not just that there's a social hierarchy that seems to change nearly daily (and the soap opera drama that seems to go with it). It's not just the way they run like tyrannosaurus rex, or the way they scurry towards me when they see me come outside - in hopes of a treat. Nope. I'll tell you why....

it's the eggs.

It's a simple equation. Yep, going for eggs every day, is a bit like a simple-minded treasure hunt. Here are these little hidden "treasures" that are virtually free, just sitting there waiting for the taking. Well, if you don't try to put your hand under a chicken, then they are free for the taking. If you do, you might end up pulling back a bloody stump.

So everyday, right after lunch and dozens of "egg songs" from the birdies drifting into my house, I wander out to the coop and see what kind of cache of goodies I'll find.

Not that I'm exactly surprised, but it never stops being fun. However, I have about 10 dozen eggs in my fridge at the moment. They are laying 13-15 PER DAY now.

So um...
need any treasures eggs?


Tracy said...

I would love some of your treasures, but I dont think they would survive the trip.
We do a treasure hunt for our girls at camp every year. Hubby likes to bury it.

erinlou80 said...

we live in st joe, but we'd take some! it seems one of the few proteins i can eat these days.

also...last week, saw your feature on KQ2!

gowestferalwoman said...

does cleaning out the cat box count as "looking for hidden treasure"? :P

Your chickens love you - look at them eggs!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

Feral woman... GROSS. There's nothing that can be considered a "treasure" in there by any stretch of the imagination!

Yay! Thanks Erinlou! I thought it turned out pretty decent.

gowestferalwoman said...

lol when my youngest was at home, one of her "duties" was making sure that the cat box was day she spoke up when asked if she cleaned out the cat box ~ "well, it someone would put some quarters in there it would make it A LOT more worthwhile.." lol

Shes a political science major now at Missoula :D

LisaDay said...

Actually...I do.


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