Sunday, September 26, 2010

A giveaway - because you are awesome

And because I'm in a giving mood today. Maybe it's because my feet are freezing and I want to feel all warm and fuzzy again - you know, how summer makes me feel (heavy sigh). Gene gave up one of his rings from his etsy shop, Cease Fire Heirlooms, for a giveaway!

Everyone together:
"Thannnnks Gennnne!"


Refurbished 10K yellow gold ring with lots of Diamond accents surrounding an oval ruby.

Cluster arrangnment with oval and points design.

.15 ctw of diamonds, 12 total.
White diamonds, not enhanced.
.2 ctw ruby, not enhanced deep pink color

This ring would easily sell for over $250 in retail establishments.
Size 7 and in fine condition.


So what do you have to do to win??
Well, you can enter 3 ways:
1. Leave a comment here.
2. Push the "follow" button on the right.
3. Post a link from your blog to this blog.

That's it, so you can TRIPLE your chances to win. Anyone can enter including family or friends. Please do not leave more than one comment, I'll know and I'll spank you with a sock full of rocks if you do. I'm all seeing all knowing (I'm a mom). If you link up from your blog, you post that link and can use that link as your comment here!

You must also check back to see if you are the winner which will be given away Friday night!



Stacey said...

Just my size! How perfect would that be?

Callie said...

I wish I were anything close to freezing here! What a sweet giveaway :)

ellen said...

OMG i'm the first! So first of all i absolutely love your blog and i'm would love to be entered in this chance to win! the ring looks absolutely gorgeous. makes me cry cause i lost a ring like this b4 in a parking lot :( Have a nice day you and your family!! <3

Staci said...

Beautiful! Love your photos!

Tracy said...

Thanks Gene :)
My birthstone is a Ruby....yup I think it should go to me teehee.

Lee Ann said...

What a beautiful ring! Ruby is my Dad's birthstone and I don't have a Ruby in my collection. Nor, could I afford one at the moment.

PS I follow you, you know that, right? :-)

ikwik201 said...

Hope your feet warm up! Major generous giveaway.

ev695 said...

beautiful ring! I heart colored stones, except my birthstone which always looks washed-out to me. Love your blog!

Dharma said...

Size 7? Meant to be, I'll send you some "Hot Pockets" for your tootsies.

geek details said...

What a lovely ring.

Cynthia said...

Hey, great site...and beautiful ring!

jaimeanderson1 said...

What a beautiful ring! Thanks so much Gene!

Shannon Marie said...

What a wonderful giveaway!
...also, send the cool air down farther south, please

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