Sunday, September 5, 2010

There is copious amounts of chicken poop in this post.... sorry!

You will see chicken poop.
It's what I do.

Well, it's what the chickens do. I just .... Oh you know what I meant!!

{A pretend antique chicken}

We have a chicken mystery that needs to be solved. It's puzzling, to say the least, and I haven't quite figured out, who the culprit is.


There is one... ONE... white egg layer.
It's puzzling!
It's a calamity!
It's a drama!
It's... it's... well, it's a white egg.


{forgive the poop... I warned you!}

We're getting around 7-8 eggs a day now. Most of those are little eggs - they'll get larger in time. Of course we have the 2 older gals, Thelma and Louise, and lots of younger Barred Rocks (those are the black and white ones). However, Louise lays light brown (barred rock) and Thelma (Rhode Island Red) lays darker brown eggs.

So who could a white one belong to?

And then I started to suspect someone:


LWC a/k/a Little White Chicken.

LWC was one of the chickens that my sister brought to me. She's .. well.. little.. and white. Well mostly white. Because she is smaller and an outcast, she gets forced to roost under the roost. Stupid move, since you get pooped on all night long.

I mean, it kinda made sense. She's gaining a bit of weight, her comb and waddle are getting bigger, and more red.... and she doesn't look like anyone else.

Let's ponder this while Thelma sings us a song.

It was purdy wasn't it?
It's her "egg song". When I hear this clucking from around 3 miles away, I know there'll be a light brown and highly misshapen egg soon.


Everyone else steers clear of the outdoors. They want NOTHING to do with what's going on behind closed coop doors.


Anyway, so back to LWC.

LWC and I were trying to bond today. Actually LWC was trapped in the coop with me, and I happened to have my camera. This gave me some time to ponder white eggs and singlar white chickens.

Then I got to thinking...

What if... What if LWC, was even more different. What if.. LWC...


wasn't the egg layer after all? What if... What if ...

What if LWC WAS A ROOSTER!!???


I know!!!!!1!!

I said that too.
Big comb.
Long waddle.
Fiesty attitude.


I think this deserves a little more research. Who's going in with me? It involves chicken poop - but only on your shoes. Kinda. Ignore the chicken that pooped down the side of my favorite white shirt the other day. That only happens 27% of the time!!



momma-lana said...

I saw a Lana comment on Pioneer Woman so I came on over to your site necause my name is Lana too and I am from Iowa also. How weird is that? I hardly ever run into other Lanas let alone a fellow Iowan!

Tracy said...

Well Lana if your family is anything like mine. I would guess someone is planting that white egg in there just to mess with you LOL.

LisaDay said...

Egg planter. I love it.


Anonymous said...

I too saw your comment... WWPWD Love you photos and your video. Funny girl. Thanks for the share.
PS live in NC but am from Mossouri.

gowestferalwoman said...

ahhhh it brought tears to mah eyes!!!

The egg laying call!

Now you have to go and affirm your chickens... we always called it chicken affirmation, as they wanted us to acknowledge their greatness in laying an egg...

affirm your chickens lana!!! :P

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