Friday, September 10, 2010

Amy's Bridals - with a twist

Do you remember this girl? You've seen pics of her several times before.

Amy is a memorable girl. She's bubbly and funny, yet to hear her really speak about life and such, you'd think she was 42, not half that age. We met when I was going to be her wedding photographer. However, before the wedding could happen, they decided to call it off. I'm going to be honest, I was secretly relieved.... I knew it wasn't right and I think they finally figured it out too.

We stayed in touch mostly on facebook. I followed along as she went to school to be a massage therapist, moved 45 miles from home, and graduated with the best grades they'd seen in a VERY long time. Go Amy.

However, imagine my surprise when her status changed from single to married!!
My response was:
"Wait... WHAT?"


Dear sweet Amy ran off and eloped! (smart girl! lol).

In the meantime, I was contacted by the local TV station and asked if I wanted to participate in an advertising program. It's basically a 5 minute spot, more like an interview. I needed to find someone to shoot some bridals or couple portraits with and I thought of the perfect lady for that!

Two nights ago, we shot my very first commercial ever! I was so nervous as I don't like to be on camera... hence... I'm a photographer.. not a model. Amy and her mom came, and we started shooting before they got there - which they were 40 min late - who gets lost in Maryville.. even when I gave directions!?

Amy and her mom stayed the whole time, even while I was getting interviewed, and made me feel so much more at ease! Thank you girls!

Below, are the photos that we took at this shoot. I'm going for a new type of look. More fun, more "me", so you'll see some different types of photos in this set.













Thank you Amy.. thank you Kathy! I hope you love and enjoy these photos, and the commercial! Which, btw, will be airing next week on KQ2 out of St. Joseph. I'll post a link here, if I can tolerate seeing myself on tv.


Lee Ann said...

Oh Lordy! The one with the boots is too cute!

erinlou80 said...

how cool!
and as seeing that KQ2 is the only channel we get, we will probably see it! can't wait!

Dharma said...

OM Gosh! The ones with the teddybear....ummmm they just made me bawl! Beautiful and sentimental but fun just the same. You have a lot of talent, lady! Good luck with the commercial.

BK said...

I wanna get married in boots too :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wait but I don't understand! Did she elope with the same guy you said you didn't think she belonged with?!?!? Or a different guy?

Love the pictures, especially the one where she's looking up. And the red phone is so neat!

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