Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bekah - the senior portraits


Bekah is another of my senior spokesmodels locally! She is one of those sweet girls that you would have a hard time not liking. She's kind, yet out spoken. Tough and yet sensitive. Determined and smart.

So in a nutshell... she's exactly like me.
Only a LOT skinnier, 3 years younger :p and her hair is naturally that color.

Yes, it's ok to hate her for that bit.

Bekah is also my son's best friend's fiance and roommate. She's had it a little rough at times, but she handles it well. She's very mature and like I said before, determined. Ever since she was a little girl, she's wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but admitted that she doesn't think she can handle the yucky parts, so she's going to school to be a nurse.

(I'm not gonna tell her they probably have worse yucky parts.)

Bekah and I met a few weeks ago, before her session and talked about what kind of portraits she'd like to have. I explained my vision to her, the direction I was trying to take my seniors and she whole-heartedly agreed!

You'll see some traditional here, but you'll also see some very non-traditional. Both have been a hit!



We about ran off the road when we saw this patch of flowers along side it! We had to stop. Turns out, yellow is Bekah's favorite color. Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes?








You could sit and analyze this picture all day long about this or that... or, you could just appreciate that it's really cool and different and not something you normally see in a senior pic.

I prefer the latter.

Congrats Bekah for .... well... being you.
We like you that way. Keep doing it.


Analee said...

love love love the edits. the texture rocks and so does the bekah in a bottle! i'm not even sure which of those 2 is my favorite.

Jamie said...

I LOVE the pictures! My favorites are the second one (with the flower in her hair) and the "Bekah in a bottle" one.

LisaDay said...

Senior in a bottle. I like it. Wow, it's pretty amazing she is only three years younger than you and you have two kids, one of whom is 16.


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