Thursday, September 16, 2010

You are so deer to me!


The other day, when I was taking Bekah's senior pictures, I forgot one little thing I needed.. the bottle for the girl in the bottle photo. Color me annoyed. It was sitting right on the kitchen island where I left it. So the next night, I had to drive all the way to the lake - which is about 15 miles one way, for ONE photo. To make myself not feel so bad, I took about 30 of that damn bottle.

On the way out, these precious little deer were toying with me along side the road. I slowly crept up they just watched me, then they'd bound off 10 feet, and turn and watch me as I rolled along slowly. Light was very low, so not very sharp photos, but it was kind of fun to interact with them.

Speaking of "precious little deer(s)", I noticed that I have hit 110 followers! (I'm sure many more with the rss feeders). I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for following, and all your comments. They really do mean a lot to me and I read every single comment. (Except for the spam - I don't get many of those after blogger put the kibosh on it.)

I read back many of you! I follow so many now it's hard to keep up with everyone.

I have set a goal for myself - before I go to San Diego, I want to hit 500 followers. Yep, that's FIVE TIMES what I have now.. in less than a year! So if you would be a "deer" and pass along this url to someone you think might be interested, I'll give you a big fat ear of field corn. I swear.


LisaDay said...

Good luck reaching that number.


Doreen McGettigan said...

Good luck with the number..I am having a get to 300!
My nickname is Doe. What a great photo of the dear.

gowestferalwoman said...

You'll reach that number, no prob, Lana!

San Diego sounds like so much fun - we expect many of your blog posts to come out of that visit!!!(not to put the pressure on or anything lol)

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