Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Full-fledged members of the Mini Polar Bear Club!

In case you were wondering, there is no Mini Polar Bear Club. I made that part up.

This past couple weeks, our temps have taken a horrid turn for the worse. I have been in extreme denile of obvious signs like corn turning gold, kids going back to school, and mittens making their appearance at the Walls-mart. No matter what color I paint this picture, fall is coming.

And winter is right behind it.


Despite all that glaringly ugly evidence, Gene and I were hell bent we were going to hold out on that last bastion of summer. No matter how cold it was.

I made him continue to treat the pool, and it was so frustrating looking in seeing it pretty and blue - which were the same color of my hands right before I'd run back inside.

We hatched a plan. Hell or "high water" we were going for a swim one last time, Labor Day weekend. Period.

Now lets define "swim" in the context of this story. We'll have to call swimming, something akin to "getting wet outside in a large body of water". Check.. got one of those. It's round, it's blue, it holds around 5,500 gallons of water, it's cold.

Really cold.

Really REALLY cold.

We didn't care. We were gonna flip the bird at Autumn and do it anyway. Besides, I'd paid like $20 for stupid pool chemicals, I wanted to at least smell clorine one more time.

Gene went first, and it looked something like this:


"Tippy Toe, it's not so bad."


"YIKES. Are kneecaps supposed to be blue?"


"Hummena hummena humena!"
Code blue.. STAT!!!


"I want my mommy. Hold me"


"It's not so bad, once your lower body goes numb."

As you can see, there's no photos of ME in a bathing suit getting in. Mainly because:
a.) I don't swim in a suit.
b.) no not naked you big freaks.
c.) can't take pics while in the pool.. I don't have the gear for that, but I'll put it on my xmas list if you're shopping for me.
d.) the world is just not prepared for a visual like that.

After it was all said and done, the water WAS cool.. very cool.. borderline COLD (it's getting into the 50's here at night now). But when the sun was not behind a cloud, it was kind warm out, and not too bad. Too bad it was partly cloudy.

We had to get out because the sun went behind a huge cloud.

I'm hoping we'll see the sun again - sometime in April.


Analee said...

midwest winters are yucky. suppose that is one thing good about the east coast. guess i prefer sunny and cold winters!

my sister also lives in MO and we were planning a trip to see her, sooner than later. we know that it is sorta like "thanksgiving or never" (never = until the spring) otherwise we may have to fight snow. and, well, another "perk" to living in the southeast is that we... don't... know... how... to... drive... in... snow!

you and your hubby are brave to get in that mini-polar pool!

Lee Ann said...

Too funny! The reactions kind of remind me of us at Garner State Park in the height of summer trying to swim in the Rio Frio River. Sometimes that water is too cold!

It's still hot down here. Looking foward to fall and cooler weather.

Jamie said...

I'm NOT looking forward to winter at all! Midwest winters do suck pond sludge!

LisaDay said...

That second one says it all.


Leslie @ crunchybetty.com said...

Haha! These pictures were hilarious. LOVED how they were chronological.

Made me shiver.


gowestferalwoman said...

lol he might hurt that surgery doing something like that!

Deanna said...

That is too funny. I learned that you just jump in.... and worry about the cold later. Our water in Florida feels like the cold river already... but its so nice.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Maybe you should move to Texas! :-)

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