Friday, September 24, 2010

Peek-a-boo - where are youuuuu???


Last month, something was going on that prompted Gene to say some fateful words, "Go get your flip and record this."



I suddenly had that ill feeling in the pit of my stomach.
What flip?
I had one. I bought it. I used it when we went on our honeymoon. I filmed snow through the winter. I took it to some friends summer blues jam they had at their home but that was over two months ago. WHERE WAS IT?

I checked my camera bag. I looked in the pockets of my purse. I cleaned out the cabinet were I keep my gear. I looked under the car seats!! I thought I might have taken it to Arkansas when we went to see Gene's kids and grandkids.

uh oh.

I sent a text to my step-son and he started tearing HIS house apart. Sadly, he had no luck either, and I finally resolved that it was gone. It had probably fallen out of my purse at some point and I didn't see it.

A few weeks went by and it was no longer in the forefront of my mind. One afternoon, I'm sitting at the computer, and Tanner is walking through the dining room. I hear "Hey!" and when I turn, there's Tanner holding my FLIP!!

You will NOT believe where he found it.
No really.
Take a super wild guess.

He found it...

EXACTLY where I left it!!

That whole time, it was sitting on my hutch in my dining room. Right where I left it for "safe keeping". Oh.. and checking the videos, I hadn't used it one time since the summer blues fest/party. Good god I'm getting old and losing my mind.

Now will someone help me find the motorcycle keys I put someplace for "safe keeping"?


Queen Snarfy said...

LOL This is just like me and my cell phone. Thought I lost it at the Bar J Wranglers. Turned out, I'd left it at home! Stupid electronic devices making us codependent on them! :P

ain't for city gals said...

I just read through almost your entire heart and home section is funny! and I feel the same way about trash for sure!..if it is not one thing it is your mother! is the way I see it!

Tracy said...

What do you mean getting old....I loose things..I mean put things in safe keeping all the time.
Actually I hear about flip cameras never seen one before.

gowestferalwoman said...

lol one day as we walked through the woods for work, I couldnt remember the name of this one fern we saw... its an ugly little fern, and its name reflects it... so for two days I would be mentally trying to think of the name while walking to each "plot" or point where I have to count trees...was it dwarf fern? no. Orc fern? no thats lord of the rings... then as i was drilling a tree it came to me and I blurted out "GOBLIN"!!! mr foresterman gave me a very odd look and went back to measuring trees lol

LisaDay said...

It's always those safe-keeping spots that get you.


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