Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A grasshopper, a centipede and a praying mantis walk into a bar....


Yesterday I get a call from Gene informing me he'd captured a praying mantis somewhere along his day and had it in a coffee can for me.

Yes, he is 7, why do you ask?


So he stops by, and I release ms mantis back into the wild. The "wild" being our tree in the front yard.


She immediately went into a "cleaning" routine that I found really fascinating. She would lick her "paw" just like a cat and clean her head.


I'm sure she was resting because it was probably a heck of a ride.


Finally, after a while, we're just talking, laughing and sharing a few old jokes.

Sadly I still don't know the punchline. Probably something about chewing your mate's head off. We're tight like that.


Tracy said...

I have never seen one up close and personal. Don't know if I'd want to either

Mallory said...

I love that he found one for you to photograph. That's so sweet.

LisaDay said...

I thought she might be resting while coming up with ways to bite your mates head off!


Kristina Churchill said...

Pretty darn cool, I like your style! You make me laugh!


Sara Chapman said...

Love that first photo. What a portrait! But the purple bar that kept appearing is way annoying, I feel I have to mention.

Kristy said...

I ♥ Your Blog, just found it like last week and I think I have read everything on it now! lol

www.quackandquill.com said...

Those are great shots, Lana! What is it about a praying mantis that is so endearing? I've always loved them, thanks for making my day!

gowestferalwoman said...

I wonder how many coffee can rides she fits in her schedule in one month? tee hee! Shes washing all the human cooties off...or maybe its coffee grounds!?

Next time ask Gene to take the coffee can and bring you back something shiny.. ;P

KT Walters said...

Great shots!

Founds your site on PW's site. I am a fellow BlogHer member. Nice to connect.



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