Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life by bullet points

Let's catch up on the "news" shall we? I'll do it in one fell swoop since I don't want to bore you with endless details.

  1. Figured out that LWC (little white chicken) is...... A girl! She's the layer of the white eggs. I also found out that she's full sized and a leghorn.
  2. A raccoon (I think) pooped about 4 inches from my back door. Maybe he was waiting for breakfast and got tired of waiting? Maybe he was making a political statement of the ramifications of global warming and how it pertains to our economy? Or maybe he was just saying "neener! I was here".
  3. Gene and I committed to a booth in an antique store. I'm kind of excited but annoyed because I've seen some good stuff and passed them up at garage sales because I didn't have space for them. Dont worry, I'll be able to fill the darn thing!
  4. I have mild hay fever. It gets worse every year. This is the first year I'm having a hard time breathing. Sufferers, can you tell me what you take to relieve symptoms? Besides a frost?
  5. I gotta bust my hump this week! I have a ton of photos to get edited, prints to get ordered, a couple shoots coming up and...
  6. We're having a garage sale next weekend. I'm really not prepared for it. It will probably be a bust.
  7. FINALLY got a tow package on the jeep, now I'm in search of a good yet cheap trailer. No, I won't move you, or you, or anyone I share DNA with.
  8. I also am dying for a vintage camper trailer. Completely unrelated, but I just wanted to share. :p
  9. I have a storage unit I'd like to make disappear. After this garage sale and moving a motorcycle to a shop for repair (I'll tell you about that someday), it could in theory happen. Or I could be living a pipe dream - kinda like a garage. sigh.
  10. We went swimming again! No really. It was colder than last time, and Gene stirred up all the muck before I got in. I was annoyed.
  11. I'm worried I won't have enough space for all the chickens through the winter. I don't have any place to move them. This might be interesting.
  12. Made it to Weston again today. Took our deer mount to Cactus Creek for sale. Gene is ready for it to find a different home and a new life someplace else. Reminds him of stuff he doesn't wanna be reminded of. I just keep thinking that now I can finally decorate that wall!

I'm sure there's more pointless news, but I can't stand the thought of you running around scratching your own eyes out from boredom.

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Tracy said...

And I thought your hubby was putting the white eggs in there to trick you LOL.
We hit a deer on the way to the States (deer was fine) my jeep bumper got cracked:(

Analee said...

hay fever: i take OTC meds and they work for me. not claritin, but the other one. allegra? and, i use the generic. just so you know, though, it takes a couple of days before it kicks in. claritin doesn't work at all for me.

good luck, nothing is worse than itchy eyes and runny nose and itchy throat from allergies. said...

Hay fever ... take a teaspoon of raw honey that was harvested somewhere local to you every day. You can put it in tea, take it straight, whatever. People here SWEAR by this.

I love garage sales! Not holding them, but making the trek out to see what I can find ...

I get the deer head, lol. W/my husband it was mounted fish ... he recently gave the last one away to a little boy we know, I was so glad. You have to think, though, it's their house too ... but animals are meant to be at your feet, not on the wall (imo, lol!)

LisaDay said...

If you lived in Canada, I would suggested the Life brand (found at Shoppers Drug Mart) of reactine. Cheaper and works just as well without giving you that 'I am totally drugged out' feeling.


gowestferalwoman said...

goodness woman; you can make taking lint off of the dryer sound like fun, dont hold back!!! lol

Hope your hay fever goes away!!! (snow, maybe snow might help?)!

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