Monday, January 12, 2009

All in the details

I love details shots. Details - the small little things that happen during a wedding (or any day) that if you didn't have a photo of it, you'd forget forever. Whomever thought of capturing those moments, was a smart bird.

Yesterday, I had the urge to steal gene's ring for a while, and get some "detail" shots of our rings. I have a couple already, but I wanted to practice. The one above is my FAVORITE. I lurve it. The little dish it's sitting on, is a bowl that I keep in my scrapbook room to hold little bits of things. I just grabbed one, and yay it had hearts on it.

Here are a few others that I played with.

Other than that, Sunday was a super lazy day. No really. I did not take off my jammies all day. I decided around 11:30 I was going nowhere, and they are comfy so they stayed on.

Saturday on the other hand was suppa busy.

We started out the day by going to the post office. I made Gene go on that lovely trip AGAIN WITH THE COFFIN SIZED BOX.

You know what? They didn't even measure it again like they did last time that put me over the $75 mark. *sigh*. Didn't matter either way, because at that point I'd already made the box like 5 inches shorter.

Did I mention *NEVER AGAIN*

I told Gene I'd rather have given Cadience $25 in her savings account. Soooo... we're opening up accounts for them and doing less on actual gifts to open, and more into savings they can have someday when they go to college. *I'm not flexible on this*
After that, we went on to have breakfast over at Hy-Vee. Why do I put myself through that every weekend?

We left town fairly early, with the goal of hitting Weston, Missouri for more... you guessed it... antique shopping! lol

I don't know what Gene's obsession is with antiquing lately, but it's ok, we're having a lot of fun together doing it. He rarely buys anything. He really wants to get into jewelry hunting. You know, finding a really great deal on a tennis bracelet because aunt mable's great-great-Niece thinks it's just a bunch of glass.

I personally I kinda like that idea too.

Instead, I found these guys. On sale half price.

I like them, and they go with my silver tea set, and my old school Christmas decorations. I'll probably leave them out for a while, just cuz all the decorations are put away. Oh, except for that tub I forgot in the living room and the wrapping paper... which I forgot too. Ooops.

BTW, back on topic, instead of driving down 29 like I would normally do, Gene knows the back ways now around since he works St. Joseph. I would suggest that if you want to go to Weston, take 229 around St. Joseph, then take 59 south. It goes straight into Weston. First off, I never knew (and I've lived here over 20 years) that if you're going down 29, you're driving through some bluffs. *seriously*

59 runs right along the bluffs with the MO river on the west side. Flat as a pancake and bluffs that look like small mountains on the east. I imagine it's awesome beautiful in the fall.

I'm mad that I didn't make Gene stop so I could take a pic of the pink barn that said "antiques" on the front *pout*

You'll come into Weston the back way, and there's other parts of town, that I've never seen before.
We made it to Gardner around 4:30 to meet this little girl:

Miss Sarah. She's a cute patootie. I wanted to keep her but Laura AND Gene both said no.

They suck.

We could not stay too late as we had 2 hour drive home. So off we went, being followed by this guy:

January 10, 2009 - the fullest moon of all 2009. 14% larger and 30% brighter. All due to the orbit of the moon around earth. Johannes Kepler explained the phenomenon 400 years ago. The Moon's orbit around Earth is not a circle; it is an ellipse, with one side 50,000 km closer to Earth than the other. Astronomers call the point of closest approach "perigee," and that is where the Moon was this weekend.

Of course, I didn't know all those fancy tidbits. All I knew was the thing was about blinding me in my right eye all the way home and why the heck was it so bright and fat!?

I kinda forgot about it because, as usual, the weather is worse here than it is down in KC and the big fat moon hid behind a cloud. I sat down and checked my flickr account and saw some pics from Tina about the moon. I decided that I probably should go take a pic - just to say I had.

Today I have my regular Monday cleaning to do. Dishes, vacuum, I think I'll dust some today and stay on top of that, pay some bills and laundry. I'm pining for my clothesline. Right now it's covered with a dusting of snow.


I'm itching for spring.

Also today, I am going to try to find some time to get my nails done, and then also I have a meeting with another bride today. Exciting! Talking about weddings NEVER gets old with me!

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Tina said...

One of these days I'm going to venture your way - we will go antiquing and hit the back road with the bluff! Talk about a fun day of picture-takin' !!

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