Monday, January 19, 2009


A fairly productive day...

my 3rd installment in the 365 project:

I had an absolute kick ass engagement shoot. Even tho it was super cold out... seriously, it was nice when I left the house (well, decent) Exactly 11 minutes later in town, I'm freezing my arse off.

They were SO AWESOME, I'm so looking forward to shooting their wedding. They are fun! I'll share pics as I get some edited.

Kickin' some arse on the crochet. I have the scarf almost completely done. 5 feet long, with hot pink stripes on one end. I need to weave in all the tails, and I"m going to attempt to crochet some hot pink flowers for an accent on the other end from the stripes.

4th:Well technically that was yesterday. I just got the pic of the camera. But it was yummy!

Got some of my emails done, but not all. Scheduled an interview with a communications major for one of her class projects. She happens to be from my home town. cool beans. Paid a bill, forgot to deposit gene's paycheck. Ooops. I'll do that tomorrow. Have to figure out why the light company is calling me telling me my bill must be paid by January 6th, (looking at calendar).... Oh, and I already paid it. sweet. Must work on more paperwork tomorrow.

I know, sounds terribly boring but that shoot put me on a nice high!

Don't go here if you ever want to have free time again.

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