Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas - a week in the life at the Cease's house

Over on Ali Edward's blog, she created a Christmas album that was 1/2 created in advance, (the backgrounds) and then she kinda plopped in pics and journaling as she went. Now, that was kind of the plan here, but... a.) I was only going to do it christmas week, because I knew I would not be able to keep it up for the whole month and b.) I wanted my backgrounds done in advance, but only part were.

I finished it up today.

I can't fathom trying that for an entire month.

I used an 8 x 8 album from SEI. It's an older album that I bought at Hobby Lobby I believe, probably $3-$5 half price. It had a green cover, so I decided to go with pink/green as my main colors, accented with turquoise blue and red. Sorry, but I love those colors and apparently so because I had a huge pile of christmas stuff in those colors.

Here is the cover, I used vinyl and my cricut for the first time to decorate it. I didn't do too bad considering I had almost zero instruction on how to do it.

Tags by me - circa 2004, prima flowers, making memories journaling thingy (dunno the name), ribbon from american crafts, a really old accent piece and some kick ass reindeer paper.

My new favorite letter stickers. I have 3 sheets, I'm going to buy more when I make it back to archivers. They only have brown. Good thing brown goes with anything in my book. Glitter stickers by Martha.

Some days I had no pics for that day, so I took pics later of the decorations and filled in with that.

These flourishes rock the awesome sauce. K & Company. The glitter DOES NOT come OFF!
*get out*

No really.

Couldn't have an album, without a little glitter... and stitching

Amber looks oh so excited to be washing dishes. Methinks someone needs a dishwasher.

More flourishes. Shopping with Amber. Founds some cute stuff that I couldn't live without. I printed the star pic out twice, and cut out the star in front, and used pop dots to lift it up to make it more 3D.

Damn I'm good.
Get down with my bad self.

Sorry, first pic is blurry, but I'm seriously way too lazy to get out the lights, the camera, upload again, resize *again*. Picture it, only crisper. Feelin' it? OK great.

I also realized, that I have hardly anything with numbers on it. I had to improvise a bit.

OK, this one is a bit of a quiz. Paper look familar at all? Take a moment. Search the recesses of your brain (this only works on scrapbookers btw)


Stumped ya.

As I was looking for a quick layout idea, I saw this AD from MAMBI (Me and my big ideas). I thought "oh, that'd be cute paper". *lightbulb* Nothing important on the backside. *RRRRRIPP* Paper.



A bunch of circles. Great way to use up my scrappy bits.
Reindeer is a leftover from the 3 cards I mailed out. He's cut on my cricut and covered with stickles.

Another riddle.
That frame... what the heck?

From Heidi grace back when no one know who Heidi grace was. She released a bunch of acrylic stuff. Remember back in twenty-dickety-two when acrylic was in? Well, you know what. I liked it. I still do. I didn't toss it so nehhhhhpft.

For those of you following along.

Cease means stop. Which was a cooinkydink because it's also my last name. In case you were wondering why it just says "CEASE" at the end of the book :p

I will probably do that again next year. I feel all the pressure is off to scrapbook all those pics now. I'm going to print everything and stick the rest in a regular old photo album, which I do a lot more of now. IMO, that's as good as scrapbooking.


Benita said...

Beautiful layouts! Your album looks great!

KarenSue said...

I LOVE this book, its all simply gorgeous!

Tasha said...

Great layouts!!!

stinker said...

ha, i knew it was the mambi ad :P

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