Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Sarah - Missouri Newborn Photographer

I have finished editing the photos I did of baby Sarah. She was about 10 days old when we did this shoot. Very happy with the photos after all the editing was done!

I had a ton of props I wanted to use, but only had time to use a couple, my favorite being this funny square/diamond basket.

She loved this snuggie, it kept her asleep to take quite a few pics. It's handmade from a thrift store find scarf!

This is Laura's brand new bedroom set that she is so proud of, I couldn't resist the tiny baby vs. the ginormous bed shot!

If you would like to have beautiful newborn shots of your new baby, please visit my website and contact me to add you to the schdule. The best time to photograph the new baby is in the first 3 weeks, so schedule NOW if you are pregnant!

1 comment:

Lou said...

WoW!! Those are amazing! The yawn is so sweet. I love the one with her on the pink with the lights underneath. Nice effect. Actually, I like them all!

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