Friday, January 30, 2009

oh hai!

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

bartender kitteh  iz tellin u 2 go home
more animals

If that's not Jingles and Mack. Nothing is.

Gene and I will be gone most of the weekend. We're honeymooning in Gardner. Not really, but it sounds more exciting if I say it like that.

Becky, David and Miss Ester are coming to visit, and we're gonna meet them half way, well, if Gardner is 1/2 way between here and PA. *in my head that works ok?*

A lot accomplished the last couple days. I got the dollhouse all fixed and ready to give to Stephanie. ACK. So much love, attention, TIME went into that thing, but I don't have a place to enjoy it, and I know she'll take care of it. It's going with us tomorrow.

I also got pics edited of both Laura and Sarah. I'm really in the mood to get the engagement session edited, but I need to go to bed early. Read: Before 2 a.m. - it's my new habit.

I have been doing a lot of networking. Considering a bigger bridal fair in St. Joe in March. Kind of expensive, but I think it might be worth it.

Made a new logo and new business cards, which I keep forgetting to pick up. Ooops!!!

Other stuff, that I can't remember, but trust me, it's been a productive week. I probably will not post again until Monday! Have a good weekend

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