Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday, I woke up to this:

{some snow has been added for dramatization}

It was soft, light, fluffy snow that took forever to fall. In fact, if the wind blew even in the slightest, it would blow up.

It didn't last long. An hour after these photos, it was completely gone, and the sun wasn't even out.

Back in nineteen-dickety-two, I shot film 35mm. *like everyone else*

I had (have) a couple nice metal body cameras - which btw, tangent, put my back out *for years* carrying it around chicago. Anyway, with those cameras I had some *ok* lenses.

Cool thing is, you can get adapters to attach old film lenses to your fancy new digitals. And they are cheap, think like $3!

I had an old super wide fisheye "lens". I say that in quotes because it screws on like a filter and not an actual lense. I bought some filter adapters and viola! I have a superwide again.

Here's some test shots so you can get an idea:
{what the original scene looks like}

{with the super wide - at it's narrowest}

{with the super wide - at it's widest}

I think it'll be fun, if just for some gimmicky/different/unusual pics.

Speaking of which, I have some uber hawt pics of Amanda and Sean to share. I'm going to try to post some this afternoon, BUT, I have to set up my new computer today so I don't get my arse chewed out *again* about it.

Yes, I've been putting it off. I really hate setting up computers. *a lot*

Add to that, Gene is sick *again*. He's a bundle of joy.

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