Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amanda and Sean - engagement photographer - Missouri

I promised this yesterday, but since my computer took NINE HOURS to transfer files from one computer to the other, I accomplished very little on the computer yesterday. Well, except for transfering said files. :p

I did clean tho. Go me.

So here's Amanda and Sean's shoot. We went to 3-4 different locations, starting at the Kissing Bridge at the college.

We put a bit of a "spin" on the kissing bridge, and made it the "Suppa Hawt Making Out Bridge". {Sorry Sean/Amanda's Grandma if you're seeing this - it was all my idea.. really.}

My favorite brick wall of all time, that everyone wants!

Out at our house in the dried grass/flowers/field behind the house.

{my fav of the entire shoot}

And yes, we even went to the laundromat.
You know what's funny? Not one person even looked at us when we were there... like "dude I see weird stuff at the laundromat all the time. A camera? Bit whoop." LOL

They are fun, and really open minded so their wedding should be a blast!! I have more pics that are wonderful, I'll try to share them soon!


ally™ said...

Lana, these are beautiful! I love the make out

the laundry mat was an awesome favorite is the one thru the dryer door

Lana said...

Thanks Ally! I think this was my favorite shoot so far!

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